Frostpunk on Xbox grabs three expansions from PC on July 21

Frostpunk screenshot
Frostpunk screenshot (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Frostpunk is an award-winning survival strategy game on Xbox and PC.
  • Frostpunk on Xbox gains all previously-released PC expansions on July 21.
  • You can grab each expac separately or as part of a season pass, the base game is available through Xbox Game Pass.

Frostpunk is an incredible strategy simulation game set in the midst of an apocalyptic ice age. With the entire world blanketed in blood-freezing glaciers and snowstorms, you play as the last remnants of humanity, armed only with failing steampunk tech and the will to survive.

Frostpunk tasks players to manage supplies and resources with incredible scarcity, often leading to decisions that you know will get people killed. Then, you may have to deal with the political fallout, from protests all the way up to armed insurrection, all while the temperature gradually drops.

Frostpunk on PC has enjoyed a tremendous run, with a final DLC, On the Edge dropping last year. The console version of Frostpunk has been a bit behind on content drops, however. Until now.

On July 21st, 11 Bit Studios will launch three expansions on Xbox consoles, previously exclusive to PC. There's a prequel story dubbed The Last Autumn, which is set in a boreal forest, complete with new mechanics as you navigate the transition into the long winter. On the Edge takes players to a remote outpost after the ending of the base game, and is all about managing trade routes. The Rifts adds a new map for Endless Mode, alongside new constructions and other tech to help resource gathering.

You'll be able to purchase the expansions separately or as part of a catch-all season pass, or, if you're new to Frostpunk, you can grab everything in a new Complete Edition that includes the base game and every DLC released so far. The base game is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

11 Bit Studios has gone from strength to strength as one of Poland's most promising outfits, with the classic This War of Mine, alongside games like Moonlighter and Children of Morta. 11 Bit recently announced that they're moving to the Unreal Engine to build bigger and bolder games, too.

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