Fuelband WP

Nike is yet to produce an official FuelBand app for Windows Phone, but fear not as there's currently an unofficial solution that will be published by another developer. Fuelboard will enable those who own a Fuelband to keep track with how they're progressing through the day with numerous statistics and graphs presented in a Modern UI.

As one can see from the images bundled with this article, Fuelboard will pull down daily and historical data from a Nike account. This includes activity, fuel, calories, steps, distance travelled and duration. Graphs are included to better present the data in an easy-to-digest format. First impressions: it looks real nice.


So if you use a FuelBand (we took a look at the FuelBand versus competitor product Fitbit One), you'll be able to check out how you're doing while on the move. Unfortunately there's no Bluetooth sync support, but we'll take baby steps over nothing at all. We'll have more information when the app is available, so stay tuned to be notified when the app is available on the Windows Phone Store.