JOJO Mobile has created a rather interesting app that might be appealing to Windows Phone users with small children. Funny Stories is an interactive book for children that might come in handy on road trips, waiting at the restaurant, doctor's office or any where else a child's attention span might be tested.

The interactive books in the Funny Stories series includes (links are to the Marketplace) Funny Vehicles, Animal's Farm, Colorful Vitamins, and Under the Sea. Each book has both female and male narration as well as picture/word association where the words zoom up and are spoken when pictures are touched. There are three ways the books can be read.

  • "Read to Me": Stories are narrated with pages manually advanced by the reader.
  • "Read it Myself": Books are read by the child with pages advanced by the reader.
  • "Auto Play": Stories are played like a movie with pages turned automatically.

The stories are billed as educational as well as entertaining.  Funny Stories' graphics are well done, the animated page turns is a nice touch and the books should spark the interest with any toddler.  Funny Vehicles is free with the additional books running $1.29.