Fusion Sentient for Xbox is alive and self-aware on the Marketplace

Fusion: Sentient, the mobile tie-in game to new XBLA release Fusion: Sentient is now available. For those keeping score, this marks two weeks in a row of Windows Phone-exclusive games that feature connectivity with an Xbox 360 title. Not too shabby!

After spending an hour or so with Fusion: Sentient, I can tell it's going to be addictive. It plays like a real-time strategy game, as players direct up to five units around each map. But you can also pause and issue orders at any time, making it a bit less hectic and more mobile-friendly. The graphics (excluding the general darkness from the black fog of war) are great, with highly detailed mechs, AKA Sentients. An interesting story told through digital comic panels captures some of the console game's witty humor and promises to expand on the origin of the cybernetic Sentients. With five planets worth of missions and the Ghost Fleet, an endless encounter area built for grinding, Sentient will keep strategy fans busy for a long time.

I only have two gripes so far. First, the pre-mission load times are excessive, ranging from 30-60 seconds in some cases. Not ideal for a mobile game, especially since Fusion: Sentient isn't Mango-compatible out of the gate (just like Kinectimals). Fast App Switching will hopefully cut down on the wait when resuming after visting the Home screen, etc.

Also, the game appears to have tons of choice loot to win after completing missions. But you can't tell what anything does without selecting a Sentient and finding whatever items in your inventory might be compatible with it. An auto-equip feature and a way to browse your entire inventory would make item management much easier.

As I mentione before, Fusion: Sentient connects to Fusion: Genesis on Xbox 360 in a unique way. Phone-grown Sentients can be sold or traded from the Auction House, where they then become useful AI partners in the MMO-like console game. It's a promising feature which we'll explore in greater detail after we've sunk a few more hours into both games.

Fusion: Sentient costs only $2.99 and there is a free trial. Score it here on the Marketplace. Fusion: Genesis launches today at 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

Paul Acevedo

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • Insta-bought!Now just waiting for Fusion: Genesis to be available on Xbox 360 and I'll grab that one too. ;)
  • I was playing Fusion: Genesis this morning. Great graphics. Game is pretty interesting too.
  • InstaRemoved: this game doesn't support FastApp Switching. Seeing it takes at least 15sec loading to reach a simple tutorial, this isn't acceptable.This is the second game (with Kinectanimals) released by Microsoft without support for multitasking...
  • Errrm, Kinectimals has fast app switching on my Omnia 7. Doesn't on my Wife's HD2 though...
  • Looks like a worthwhile geme to buy at last. Reminds me of The Harvest. Load times are OK for me, but I've only tried the trial.
  • Ahh, reminds me I have a play The Harvest a couple more times to finish off the achievements
  • Why is MS still releasing games that are not fast switching! They really should start stating in the marketplace whether a games is Mango ready or not!Sweet game, but having it reload from the damn start screen if a phone call comes through sucks major ballage.
  • The simple answer is because they want Nodo users to be able to buy the game. I'm sure an update isn't too far off though.
  • Why cant I see this on the marketplace?? Ive got mango on my Omnia7 in the UK????:'(
  • Is anyone finding the game is not saving? I finished the first mission and exited the game but going back in it prompts me to start again. Happened also after I finished the tutorial levels but I hoped it was just a glitch.
  • I didn't have that problem. Hope it clears up for you.
  • I don't have the problem with 30 to 60 load times. Using HTC HD7. More like 15 to 20 seconds. Fun game and looking forward to see how this ties in with the console game. No problems saving too though if you leave the phone and the screen times out, if you don't get to it within a minute or two, the level starts from the beginning. So far, that's my only gripe. It needs a Mango update for sure.
  • Seemed kind of fun (in the trial), but the thing that bugged me the most, and this may be small and I'm being nitpicky, but is it necessary to have EVERY button press cause a vibration effect? Like if you hit the Play button at the start screen? Or if you click the dialog at the top of the screen *vvrrrmmm*. Total overkill.Yes, I can turn it off, but then I lose all vibrations, including those choice moments like in combat or anywhere else where it's desired.Otherwise, fun times.