Future NexDock shipments on hold due to power issue

The company behind the NexDock lapdock accessory is reporting that some of the first units that shipped to customers are having issues powering up and that it has decided to suspend future shipments.

NexDock allows Windows 10 Mobile phones to work like PCs when connected to the accessory, via its Continuum feature. The first shipments of the device began earlier this week. Now, in an update on its Indiegogo page, the company has revealed a problem with some of those units:

Apparently, some of our backers are having an issue with powering up their units whereby some NexDocks do not 'turn on' when they are not plugged into an AC outlet. We want to investigate this issue with our ODM before additional units get shipped. Therefore, we asked our freight forwarder to suspend further shipments.We would highly appreciate if backers, who received their units & experienced the same problem, could open a help desk ticket at My Account.

There's no word on how many of the units have been affected by this power issue. The company warns that future NexDock shipments could be delayed even further while it tries to find the source of the problem. It adds:

While we are truly sorry, our goal remains one and the same: Deliver fully functional NexDocks as soon as practical. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Thanks to Hans for the tip!

John Callaham