Galactic Reign blasts onto Xbox for Windows Phone, joining its Windows 8 counterpart

In a one-two punch, Microsoft has published both Galactic Reign for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 with full Xbox integration. The game itself is a somewhat typical space-conquest game, whereby users take turns to advance a strategy. But it’s the details in the game, customization and sheer massive gameplay that is really intriguing.

Throw in the fact that you can continue your game on our phone once you leave your desktop and now we’re really intrigued.

The game costs $4.99 on each platform though according to the game FAQ (opens in new tab), you only need to buy one game to access it on both platforms. Indeed we can confirm that if you buy one, you can continue and play games on the other with no evident limitations (though you won't get double achievements).

"Buy once play anywhere. If you've already purchased Galactic Reign on another device, there is no need to purchase it again! You can download the trial and still have access to the additional content. Purchasing on other platforms will only unlock the ability to gain achievements on that platform."

Users can invite their Xbox friends to a game directly, via email or use a random member.

We’re not going to lie: the ability to continue a game by picking up your Surface, Windows 8 computer or Windows Phone is quite enticing. Along with the seemingly complex (in a good way) gameplay, we see Galactic Reign being potentially huge for the platform.

So far, loading on the game on the phone was quite quick (though no 720P support), and the tutorials are really helpful. Now we just need to find the time to build our armada and take over the universe.

Pick up Galactic Reign for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 right here in the Store. Need more info? Read our in-depth analysis about this game, the strategy and information in our earlier article.

Thanks, Jose N., for the link

Daniel Rubino

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  • I bought on rt first, how can i download on Phone now?
  • Buy it in the store for achievements. Download the trial to just play without achievements.
  • Thx :)
    Tried it: i can download it on w8 and rt.
    When i try to download the testversion on wp8 an Installation error occurs
  • My question is sense it shares purchase does it have 1 achievement list for example if I get a achievement on windows 8 is it unlocked as well on windows phone
  • Nope, two separate achievement lists, and like the other one, this article AGAIN neglects to mention that you can only get achievements on the device that you pay for the game on.
  • We linked both times to the game's FAQ for users to read and have explicitly quoted it for reference regarding achievements.
  • The link for the FAQ is there in both.  The previous article doesn't mention the achievements only work on a single device unless you pay a second time.  I have to admit I didn't see the quote from the FAQ in this piece, but it is mentioned here now.  I'm not 100% sure it was there before, but I'll give the benefit of the doubt. ;)
  • Yikes.
  • It's on the game's download page description.  If you read the description in the marketplace, it clearly says you have to pay to get achievements on that platform.  If you don't pay, you play without achievements on that platform.
  • hmmm interestinggg
  • Nice!
  • Support for windows 7 is great!
  • You mean windows phone 7.  But yes, that is great and it means I can play my brother.
  • Let me test this bad boy. Will buy it now on my phone and see if it shows up on desktop 8. This is exciting stuff!
  • Love that this is happening. I'm not a strategy person myself, but I'll grab the download to see what's up with this. I hope it's good, but if I have to wait another week for an Xbox title I like, that's fine, as I still have PLENTY to do on Asphalt 7.
  • Hey Daniel, could you give me that Ativ? :)
  • Im right there with you. I haven't bought a wp8 yet, even though my hd7 is having tons of problems, because I was holding out for the Ativ S (also, lumia 920 isn't being unlocked for tmob). But given recent news on Samsung, I don't know if I want to support them at all.
  • It's embarrassing for major titles (especially ones published by MS) to not have 720p support...
  • Not sure they could have done much about that without making it Windows Phone 8 only...
  • And then kill the entire franchise by doing that spot on ?
  • Is it not possible to make apps that support both resolutions? I didn't realise such an oversight was present in WP apps?
  • To support all resolutions (including WP7) you'd have to have two separate versions of the game made with the different SDKs I believe.
    An app/game made for WP7 will work on WP8 (but scaled up from WP7 resolution), so I guess that's what they've done here. It's just easier to create 1 version that will work on all phones if you don't want WP8-exclusive features.
  • So,
    Is there an xbox version, or just windows platforms and xbox achievements?
  • Poes ?
  • Sucks. Was anticipating a cool new Game and instead we get some strategy in space. if i want to use my brain i play chess on my  Lumia :P :D
  • The processing thing takes a while. So far the game looks great. This and asphalt 7 should keep me from buying new games for months
  • I usually wait it out on new releases to see if there are any broken or really grindy achievements, or any really bad bugs, but I couldn't resist in this case. Bought.
  • @spacedvest - the space battle videos are awesome. How do I invite you for multiplayer game?
  • My xbox live user name is spacedvest2
  • Is this the only game this week?
  • Wait so... if I purchase this game on my Windows Phone 8, I can play and earn achievements on my phone. Then if I go to my Windows 8 desktop and download the trial version of the game, I can play the game as if it were the full version.
    But here's where I am confused... if I say, get half way through an achievement on my Phone, can I then complete the second half of the achievement on my desktop and still unlock the WP8 version of the achievement? Can I unlock achievements at all when playing solely on the desktop version after purchasing on the phone?
  • No, you cannot do that. Your game actions cross over but not achievements.
  • Talk about a clunky system, so technically you could glitch achievements out and render them unobtainable accidentally.
    This just went from a must buy to a definitely not buying...
  • I have a feeling this is part of what is being worked on when Blue is mentioned as bringing Win8/Rt/WP closer together.
  • There are different achievements for each platform.
  • Update on this one. I had been playing on my xps 10, and had 9 complete battle academy 3 stars. Started #10, pulled it up on my phone and got 3 stars while playing on the trial on my phone. Went back to my tablet, and had received the tactician achievement. So some of them can be unlocked cross platform and with only one version purchased.
  • Who cares about the achivements this is the first step forward to buy once play anywhere!! SWEEET! I am sure they will work out the achivements eventually...
  • I and a lot of others care about the achievements.
    If what Jay says is right, it will be very easy to bug the achievements... take this scenario as an example.
    Say there is an achievement for completing level 2. You complete Level 1 on your phone and get an achievement, you then complete level 2 on your desktop and do not get an achievement. You now continue playing on your phone and cannot go back to complete level 2 for the achievement.
    It makes no sense at all! Have one instance of the achievements and just make both games share them!
  • Honestly, achievement is what makes me get the most out of my games and why I like Xbox so much (yes, I know PS has trophies and Steam has cheevies, but I'm now at 40K gamerscore w/ Xbox... I'd like to keep it growing).
    It nots about 'bragging right's because no one I really know personally gives a crap about gamerscore.  
    One; its kind of a personal thing, knowing that I've acccomplished all those goals 100%.
    Two; take a game like Dishonored as an example.  In order to get 100% achievements, you HAVE to play the game 3 times over (2 at minimum if you're super-patient and good... it took me FOUR playthoughs to get 100%).  But, due to the nature of the achievement goals, I had to re-think how I played through the game each time at it was equally as fun each and every time.   
    Of course, if the game sucked in general, then I wouldn't have played it 4 times over, so it says a lot about how good the game is as well.
    Anyway... it a long winded explanation, but achievements are a good thing because in some cases, it makes you realize that some games offer so much more,,, things you might pass up if you just beat the game once and move on.
  • It is funny you mentioned Dishonored, I am playing through that now. I screwed up the achievement for not ever killing anyone (I think one of the people I knocked out got eaten by rats), so having to replay it for that. Great game, I love how you can play it different ways.
    Anyway, totally agree with your post. Achievements are a meta game that often show you how to play a game differently.
  • Does anyone know if this means we're not getting a gameloft game today?
  • I was hoping for batman
  • Bellissimo! My xbox tag is nitroale83
  • Hmm I bought on PC, phone trial is telling me I can't access some civs still. Hmm do I need to start the games on PC?
  • See, this is what I mean. There is going to be pretty big confusion amongst players. It's obvious they got this system working through a hack, it's not TRUELY integrated.
  • Woah woah, calm your tits! I had to open it on PC and authorize it to access my account. It works fine now.
  • Cant even download on Phone :/
  • Don't want it,want gameloft games, ie batman,nova 3,modern combat 4
  • Half of this thread just goes to prove:
    People will find a way to cry about anything.
    We just got a cool game with async-mp that can be started on one device and continued on another, that we only have to pay for once (plus the rendering/video streaming sounds like a cool twist atleast for LTE & Wi-Fi) and people whine that the achievments aren't in synch.
    Put your "big boy pants" on and ask yourself: Who else has this and how much further can it be taken?
  • Thank you for this comment.
  • The problem as I see it is that synching achievements doesn't seem like a difficult thing to implement. It just seems lazy and ill-thought out.
    Microsoft is king of giving with one hand and taking away with the other. They are not going the extra mile to ensure their products just work as expected.
  • +1000
  • I'm having trouble installing it on my Lumia 822.  Anyone else?  It appears to download, but during the install, it quits and goes to "attention required."  I've restarted the phone, same issue.  I have over 2.5 GB of available space on the phone.
  • Same prob here
  • So wait. Just to make sure. If I buy it on the phone I don't have to buy it on the Xbox I would just have to download it?
  • Right.
  • No not right, this game is not being released on Xbox..
  • No 720p, no buy.
  • Sounds like you don't buy Windows Phone 7 games then. Not a single WP7 game supports 720P because WP7 games are incapable of WP8 screen resolutions.
  • I'm sure there will be a update to 720p/768p soon!