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Galaxy Note 10 OneDrive integration goes live for Android 10 beta users

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What you need to know

  • OneDrive integration with the Samsung Gallery app is rolling out to Android 10 beta users.
  • The feature is available for Android 10 beta using the Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy Note 10+.
  • The feature is part of a growing partnership between Microsoft and Samsung.

Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ users running Android 10 beta can now automatically sync their images and videos to OneDrive through the Samsung Gallery (via SAMMOBILE). Samsung rolled out the feature to beta testers recently, making it easier to use OneDrive from select Galaxy devices.

OneDrive's integration with the Samsung Gallery app was announced alongside more noteworthy parts of the Samsung and Microsoft partnership, including Link to Windows, Windows 10 PCs being compatible with Samsung DeX, and the Galaxy Book S. The integration allows people to sync images and videos with OneDrive inside their phone's gallery instead of having to use the dedicated OneDrive app.

If a person turns on OneDrive integration, all photos and videos will transfer from the Samsung Cloud to OneDrive, with the exception being any content in the cloud Recycle Bin. Microsoft will honor the amount of cloud storage a person has for the Samsung Cloud in OneDrive for one year. After that, people may need to upgrade their cloud storage plan. Galaxy users get an extra 15GB of cloud storage for a year in addition to the 5GB anyone can get for free.

Breaking down the Microsoft and Samsung partnership

Once the OneDrive integration is turned on, you can not switch it back to Samsung Cloud.

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  • I want this on my S10 plus immediately, I have one UI beta too
  • This is great! One of the primary reasons I picked up the Note 10+
  • OneDrive integration is going to be crucial for the Surface Duo to succeed. In fact, There will be no reason to get a Duo if Microsoft doesn't figure out a complete syncing feature similar to what Windows Phone had to Windows in general. The current solution with Android/Windows syncing still feels like an after thought especially compared to iPhone/OSX. I still use my Lumia 950xl as a secondary phone because I am still all in with the Windows ecosystem due to how broken current the Android solution is.
  • It feels like an afterthought because it is, it's two different platforms. I wouldn't compare it directly to iPhone/OSX
  • OneDrive integration will have nothing to do with the Duo being successful. That is not a crucial feature in the slightest. It would be insane if it didn't have it though.
  • I'm not seeing this option on the Gallery app on the S10 in Beta.
  • That's because is only available for the Note 10 for now...
  • I already have OneDrive integration on my Note10 - with the file system. What's new here (I think) is OneDrive integration with Samsung's Gallery app.
  • I want this now! Finally a customization made by an OEM that many people are really interested into. I'm now considering the Galaxy Notes to replace my P20 Pro just for that and the better integration with My Phone
  • Had to turn it off and go back to normal One drive camera upload because Samsung integrated version uploads to Onedrive\Samsung folder instead of normal camera roll folder that I have been using since WP7. I hope they add an option to change the destination folder at some point.
  • Have had OneDrive integration for a long time in the My Files app on my Galaxy S8+. It's great!
    Hopefully they bring this Galary OneDrive integration to older devices running Pie+One UI 1.1! Can't quit afford a new device yet.