Game Insight launches Love and Dragons, Maritime Kingdom for Windows 10

Publisher Game Insight has been a big supporter of Windows 10 since its launch, and that commitment continues with two new game launches in the Windows Store.

One of the games is hidden object title Love and Dragons, which is also available for Windows 10 Mobile. Here's a summary of the game:

"Set out on an exciting journey to a magical world of dragons, where you'll encounter mighty warriors and skillful sorcerers, true love and vile betrayal. Get ready for treacherous intrigues and enigmatic crimes, magical swirls of secrets and ancient legends! Help your companion, the beautiful Miralda, fight the horrible prophecy and find her true love. Search for hidden objects, fight creatures of the abyss, assemble incredible collections and meet characters, each with their own unique backgrounds and hobbies."

The other new game is the city sim title Maritime Kingdom, which is just for Windows 10 PC and tablet users. Here's a look at that title:

"Conquer the seven seas in this breathtaking city builder game set in a fictional world resembling Medieval Europe. Build a mighty fleet and establish trade with other countries to bring prosperity to your lands. The game features more than 350 quests, a trade system that utilizes over 30 resources, and a delicate balance of diplomacy and city building."

Both Love and Dragons and Maritime Kingdom are free-to-play games with in-app purchases. These new launches mean that Game Insight now has 15 Windows 10 games to download and play

Source: Game Insight

John Callaham
  • Apps are coming! Yay for windows 10!
  • Yep uwp is successful
  • UWP is showing its mettle and windows 10 mobile seems to have a better future
  • When you release windows central universal app.
  • Right now. Give me a minute
  • When you learn write proper English
  • Looks cute and so happy to see another universal app.
  • Way to go
  • Thank you game insight for another game in the windows ecosystem. My favorite game is The Tribez
  • When need for speed:no limits, real racing 3 and many good graphics ios games come in windows phone store?
  • When 3gb ram phones drop
  • Any of these two games worth downloading and playing? I loved playing the my country and tribez games
  • Can't you just try them? They are free to play after all.
  • Hope they are starting to add cloud saves and progress synchronization using your Microsoft account. One of the key reasons I stopped playing city builder games as starting over is such a chore and alot of use don't want to use facebook to sync. Other than that their games are usually quite good (except the occasional crashes) and rather addictive too.
  • Lol wished ea would use their own service for games on wp hate FB
  • Cloud Raiders, another amazing game from them. I hope they will develop it further.
  • Its amazing to see universal apps coming!!...  DFM Steve Ballmer
  • And yet another few games w/o Xbox integration. This saddens me A LOT! I need new Xbox games cause I own almost all of them... Those games that I don't own are of no interest to me what so ever. And a few of the current ones seems to have broken Xbox integrations (not signing in to Xbox at all)