Gameloft unleashes Dungeon Hunter 4 on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8

Back in August, mobile publishing giant Gameloft announced a big batch of games for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. The first of those titles, Asphalt 8 arrived on both mobile Windows platforms just a couple of weeks ago. Disappointingly, it lacked Xbox features. That’s the status quo for Gameloft, the latest publisher to ditch Xbox Live on mobile platforms. We all need to make peace with the trend, because it will likely happen with Electronic Arts and Ubisoft eventually as well.

Gameloft still has several high-profile titles planned for the next couple of months. Their latest release is Dungeon Hunter 4, which just popped up on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. The bad news is it’s a hefty download on Windows Phone, meaning you’ll need about four gigabytes of free space to install it.  The good news is Dungeon Hunter 4 is free to play on both platforms, so it won’t gamers cost a thing to try it out. Head past the break for Store links and more details!

Be vewy quiet. I’m hunting dungeons

Why should mobile Windows gamers be excited about Dungeon Hunter 4? Because it’s the closest thing Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT have to Diablo III, that’s why!

The game’s story involves two warring factions: one good, the other evil. Just as the heroes approach victory, a horde of demons and nearly wipes them out. You’ll take on the roles of amnesiac warrior who survives the initial invasion.

At the outset, players can choose from four playable classes and a male or female character. After that, it’s off to the battlefield. A virtual d-pad controls movement, while another virtual stick attacks in any direction.

Being a dungeon crawling action-RPG, the game involves exploring expansive areas and mazes and slaying any unfriendly creatures you encounter along the way. Defeated enemies drop gold and loot, providing an incentive to keep on killing.

Speaking of which, one of the most fun aspects of Diablo III and similar games is undoubtedly hunting for loot with friends. Dungeon Hunter 4 supports both online co-op and PVP. Let's hope Gameloft's Windows Phone servers are up to the task.

Impressions and unanswered questions

In our short time with the Windows Phone version of the game, it appears to play great. The frame rate is a little sluggish on the Lumia 920, though I imagine it probably runs much better on the 1520. And of course, playing on a Surface Pro or stronger Windows 8 system will likely provide an even flashier experience.

We haven’t had time to test two important features yet: whether Dungeon Hunter 4 supports cloud saves, and if those saves are shared between Windows Phone and Windows 8. If the answer to both questions is yes, it will be easy for action-RPG fans to hop back and forth between platforms and give the game their all.

Oh, and being a free to play game, the question of monetization comes up. Will this game be benevolent or constantly reach for players’ purse strings? We’ll certainly give that aspect a close look in the weeks ahead.

Come for the dungeons, stay for the hunting

Remember, the phone version of Dungeon Hunter 4 needs at least four times the size of the download in free space in order to install it. The game also requires 1 GB of RAM, so 512 MB devices can’t run it. If your specs are up to the task, grab it now and let us know what you think!

  • Dungeon Hunter 4 – Windows Phone 8 with 1 GB of RAM or higher – 947 MB – Free – Store Link
  • Dungeon Hunter 4 – Windows 8 and RT – 1,066 MB – Free – Store Link (opens in new tab)

Thanks to "Maximum" Mark Tepper and "Groovy" Guilherme da Silva Manso for the tips!

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • They totally given up on xbox games now?
  • Blame Microsoft for taking forever with their certifications and all that bullshit.
  • What? Ubisoft and EA are not making Xbox phone games either anymore?? This is official???
  • No, it's just my prediction.
  • You should probably edit the post then. You wrote it as fact.
  • Agreed.  I have no problems with you speculating on what other game studios will do in the future but if you are posting your predictions, just say so.   I think that's one of the things many of us like about WPCentral and its content....  You're all generally very clear about what you know as fact vs. rumors or speculation.  Please maintain that or the site will be lessened as a whole.
  • I feel very, very sure about the statement in question. But for you guys, I added the word "likely." :-)
  • That is disappointing, I hope Microsoft will take correcive action to resolve this for game publishers. It's important for the platform to have big titles be Xbox enabled.
  • "We all need to make peace with the trend". No, we don't. In fact, that's the opposite attitude to take. We need to boycott buying or downloading games that do not have Xbox integration, and we need to take to Twitter to let Microsoft and Gameloft know why we refuse to buy or download non-Xbox games. We have started a movement here on WPcentral around the #SaveXboxWP hashtag: Xbox integration not only makes games better, but more importantly Xbox for Windows Phone is a distinguishing feature from iOS and Android. Without it, we simply get their sloppy seconds. Do not accept this. Do not download this game, do not buy Asphalt 8, and go let the people in power know why.
  • We did try unsuccessfully to change things earlier this year. I root for you guys, but I don't see any reason why it would work any better now.
  • The odds are are low, but this summer's change in XBox One policies after the online social movement against it (which I wasn't a part of) gives me enough hope to at least try. If more people (even those who ignorantly proclaim that Xbox on Windows Phone isn't an important feature to the platform) on WPcentral took to Twitter to let Microsoft know we're upset, we'd at least have a shot in reversing the trend. I ain't going down without a fight. I got a Windows Phone (and convinced about 7 other people to get one) because it had Xbox games. And then I got an Xbox One because I enjoyed playing Xbox games on Windows Phone. Now I'm feeling duped and I feel bad because my friends feel misled too.
  • actually the xbox does not add any real benifit to the mobile games it even results in slower updates, so why u guys keep crying about something that is not important at all? dont tell me for the so called "achievments" as they does not benifit the user in any mean rather than some stupid scores
  • Just because something is not important to you doesn't mean it's not important to other people, dude.
  • Doesn't matter to you and that's fine but achievements are the only reason many people buy a Windows phone.  Get rid of them and masses of people will jump ship right back to Android.
  • I disagree with you. Xbox achievements is not the only reason people buy WP. There are many WP users who do not even own an Xbox or live account, other than what's on their phone. Most of us, and I'm an Xbox owner and gamer, are just happy to be getting some decent games for WP and Windows 8. The thing is, once they are out, the developers could probably just update the games to be Xbox Live compatible later. If not being Xbox Live comparable means that they push out more games for reasonable pricing or free, I'm all for it. Typically, Xbox Live games tend to be more than their counterparts on iOS or Android. Are you really willing to pay more, just to boost your Xbox gamer score?   Give me the great games, people will still want to play them and they will not feel left out, which will make people go back to Android or iOS.
  • There is more to an Xbox enabled game than achievements, at least there would be if Microsoft actually fully implemented the features. Competing against your friends, messaging, multiplayer, should all be part of the experience but even the feature we have is being removed due to Microsoft's apathy towards their own mobile platform. For me, its all about being able to enjoy ALL the features of the Microsoft ecosystem on my Windows Phone, if they choose to start stripping features I have no intention of supporting them in that practice.
  • @Hashim - There are dozens of websites with hundreds of thousands of users dedicated to Achievement hunters .. There is a huge public who have interest in gamerscore & some of them even bought a Windows Phone for the same thing
  • In addition to acheivements, there are a ton of other reasons why Xbox integration makes games better such as a unified social gaming experience (via friends lists, shared leaderboards, etc.) and brand exclusivity that makes our games unique rather than just sloppy seconds from Android or iOS. Xbox on Windows Phone is an important feature of the OS (that's why there is a built in Xbox gaming hub on your phone), and it's inexplicably frustrating to see Microsoft idly letting it drown. Help save it:
  • I myself don't care about Xbox certification at all. I understand some people do (majority? Hardly...), which I actually find a little sad, but that's not the point. You are right in that it's a distinguishing feature among competition and MS should support it more.
    On the other hand if you expect me to boycott a good game because it doesn't include functionality that doesn't improve the actual GAMEPLAY in any way I'm not going to do that.
  • My thoughts exactly. I definitely agree that Microsoft needs to relax their restrictions to keep Xbox on Windows phone alive, and they need to do it really soon. However, if we stop buying games that aren't Xbox live enabled, then we're gonna kill the entire windows phone store. It won't be worth it anymore for devs to make apps for windows phone if no one buys them. And we must remember; its not the dev's fault, its Microsoft's.
  • But if that's the only way to get Microsoft to do anything then so be it. Its another area where Microsoft was ahead but are not the leaders due to their stupidity. Any and everything should be an option to get them to take notice and turn things around, even boycotting games without Xbox live.
  • If you agree that Microsoft needs to change the Xbox certification process then head to Twitter and let them know it via #SaveXboxWP. If you don't personally think that Xbox features make a game better (they do), so be it, but surely you can see how having Xbox games is better for Windows Phone than not having them. Buying games (or even downloading free ones) without Xbox integration sends the wrong message to developers: it tells them that we'll accept their lazy ports from iOS and Android. No one here is saying to stop buying games on Windows Phone. There are still plenty of Xbox games in the marketplace--and good ones at that. Buy them instead.
  • @Hasim. I like having leaderboard with my friends. That's why I like Xbox Live titles.
  • I can dig it
  • I thought they just released an Xbox game a week or two ago? Their games always have major problems for me. Without achievements, won't even be worth the trouble.
  • Kingdoms & Lords, which came out 1 month ago, is their final Xbox release. The Windows 8 version of the same game will have Xbox features and should come out soon, but that's it.
  • So Angry Birds:Go wont be xbox live enabled like every other AB game???
  • I was only talking about Gameloft games - sorry about the confusion.
  • This is a free game though, so no achievements is a little more acceptable.
  • It's free tho... Achievements are not going to make a really good free game seem not worth it.
  • "Gameloft, the latest publisher to ditch Xbox Live on mobile platforms. We all need to make peace with the trend, because it will happen with Electronic Arts and Ubisoft eventually as well." Easy. Here's my peace: no Xbox-features, no buy.
    If I want to game on a phone, I'll just go to Android. Since, well, there the games tend to be free way more often. Specially the ones by Gameloft.
    Smart-move, Microsoft. Really well played.
  • "... no Xbox-features, no buy."
    Dungeon Hunter 4 is free on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 ;)
  • Oh, I noticed. I meant it more as a general statement (covering Asphalt 8 and any future paid releases) ;)
  • ROFL,Daniel,but what about paid ones like asphalt 8?? ;)
  • Just a question but why the gripe over Xbox live. Is it just the achievements or support of the Xbox brand?
  • Its Xbox on Windows Phone, remove the achievements and such and you may as well be using Android or iOS.
  • Sure, but a good game is a good game on any platform.
  • Xbox live is a WP feature. If we don't care about WP features anymore we might as well use ios or android.
  • Okay, I guess. Still don't quite get the if it's not Xbox live I'll just game on Android statement. There still won't be Xbox live unless it's Wordament.
  • Because games on Android and iOS are often free. Asphalt 8, Angry Birds, etc they're all free on those platforms and paid on Windows Phone. With Xbox features, you could justify it being paid. Without them there's simply no reason to pay for a game that is free on other platforms.
    Well, not to mention in Gameloft's case, they keep giving Android and iOS vouchers and prizes and whatnot.
  • Thanks DJCBS, makes more sense now.
  • Well said. Now help encourage others to save Xbox on Windows Phone via the #SaveXboxWP hashtag on Twitter. Tweet and retweet! More details, for those who care about Windows Phone's growth:
  • What Jamdot said.
    Windows Phone as it is has very little to offer over Android and iOS. One of the few things it had going for it was the Xbox-games which tied the phone with the popular console and could serve as a way to appeal to owners of an Xbox while also making the games more compeling due to the appeal of fighting for the achievements.
    Microsoft screwed all of that up with its ultra-complicated and slow process of certification. The result is this: games without Xbox-features. Now, why would I buy a phone that has an OS with paid games, when I can buy a phone where those games not only arrive first but also are there for free? Windows Phone just lost another of the few reasons that made it compeling as an OS. Design can only take you so far. Now put this, together with it always being late to get apps and the disappearence of Nokia...and a regular consumer has very very few reasons to stick with or go to Windows Phone.
  • There is a good reason as to why some games are free on Android and that is the insidious in game adverts. I forget which game it was now but you were forced to watch a video commercial in between levels. I really would prefer to buy a game so that I don't have to put up with those annoying adverts.
  • 1. No Achievements, which add a level of replayability to games. 2. Branding, which helps grow the Windows Phone gaming ecosystem as superior. 3. Xbox LIVE integration, meaning the ability to play with my friends over Xbox LIVE, rather than having to make a separate account for each developer on the platform I want to get online-based games from.
  • Both @kieta and @jamdot,you are exactly right :(
  • Ditto for me: No Xbox, No Purchase (or download if the game is 'free'--FYI, nothing is free--if you want to get snarky). Everyone else here, if they care about Windows Phone, should do the same: boycott non-Xbox games and let @Microsoft and @Gameloft know why on Twitter via #SaveXboxWP. Here for more details:
  • What about indie games? And trust me, these publishers are doing their utmost to get their games on Windows Phone. It's not their fault that the Live certification process is atrocious. All you will do by boycotting games is to tell the publishers that Windows Phone isn't worth supporting because they don't get many downloads, rather than your intention of trying to get a message to Microsoft. Contact Microsoft employees, spam MS' contact forms, leave bags of flaming excrement on the MS office front step, whatever -- but don't drop support for the developers and publishing companies who are actually doing what's necessary to get their great games on the platform in the first place.
  • In fact, one could say that big name publishers boycotting Live is already in part getting a message through to Microsoft. They don't make as much profit as they do from Live titles, and they don't get the tie-ins either. Microsoft wants companies to use Live, and if they all stop then Microsoft is more likely to wake up than if people stop downloading non-Live games.
  • I love indie games; many indie games on WP7 were upgraded to Xbox status and I supported them. I know that Microsoft is the one dropping the ball here, that's why when you click that #SaveXboxWP thread link in my post above you'll see that almost all of the Twitter handles we're calling out are Microsoft accounts. I've downloaded a few non-Xbox indie games on WP8 and gave detailed feedback to the developers. One would think so--that developers like Gameloft eschewing Xbox support on Windows Phone would be a wake-up call for Microsoft, but they sure don't seem to be getting it. That's why I'm hoping to help them see things more clearly by yelling at them on Twitter to open their eyes.
  • But do you understand that it is also question of: 1) do we want more games with Xbox live even if they come later and there will be less of them or 2) do we just want more games and faster releases; I mean there are some people who flock to WP because of Xbox functionality, but others would buy WP phones just because it would have many more games regardless of Xbox or the lack of it. I'm not guessing which group is more numerous. But you are right in that MS should really make the process easier for publishers.
  • I want both, but if I had to choose, I'd choose the former--getting more games that are Xbox Live enabled (those games are worth waiting for). Regardless, Microsoft needs to wake up and fix this problem. It was troubling when indie developers started eschewing Xbox support, but now that arguably the biggest mobile games publisher is doing it? That's really bad.
  • I didn't think Indie devs ever had Xbox Live? It's against the certification rules.
  • In those instances, Microsoft Studios (@PlayXBLA if you want to #SaveXboxWP them) stepped in and published it for them. They need to either start doing this again or revamp the rules (or both). Ironically, Microsoft made it easier for indies to publish on Xbox One but they've yet to fix the problem on Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT.
  • Yes, I agree with the #SaveXboxWP movement, but I don't agree with boycotting the developers. The developers *want* Xbox Live status, so if you abandon their games they will stop releasing on WP at all. To be fair, the publishers leaving Live had only just started in any big way, so MS is probably only just discussing changes now.
  • We could do more with #SaveXboxWP too. We need to be sending emails and maybe even snail mail (nothing like letters coming via international mail for greater impact) to these people responsible to show our support.
  • As crappy as the Xbox Live certification process is, if any developer can handle it, the mobile games behemoth that is Gameloft is that developer. I blame Microsoft for not making it a better process, but I also blame Gameloft for giving up so easily--and I want them to know it's not okay. (For the record, I don't blame indie developers at all). Yes! Let's do more with the #SaveXbopWP movement. Help us out by gathering up telephone numbers, email addresses, and snail mail addresses to which we can complain to Microsoft and let them know our opinions.
  • I don't think they 'gave up easily'. They've been battling with it for a long time, and it will be costing them more money than it's worth. Putting up with it won't send the Live team a message that there is an issue; boycotting it as a publisher will. I'm quite time poor but I'll see what I can find or do for the #SaveXboxWP movement. I want Xbox to remain a big feature.
  • Where did you hear that Gameloft has been fighting with Microsoft over Xbox certification on Windows Phone "for a long time"? I'd like to read that article. Yes, please as much as you can try to help out the #SaveXboxWP movement. We need all the help we can get. Even if it's as simple as occassionaly searching on Twitter for #SaveXboxWP tweets and retweeting them (and encouraging your friends to do the same), that'll make a big difference. The more those microsoft accounts on Twitter get dinged, the better.
  • Sweet! Thanks for the heads up. Love dungeon crawlers!
  • No 512 mb ram
  • O my goodness, this is one game with really really high specifications! Whew!
  • Wat? F off gameloft not for 512mb ram devices :'(
  • Good games don't come freely. You don't expect to play Diablo 4 on an HD4000 do you? Even an HD 4400. Phones are the same as computers. Budget phones are budget phones for a reason. They simply don't have the same horsepower. If companies always planned for the least common denominator, there would be no reason to own a flagship device.
  • Thank you gameloft for ditching XBOX and 512 Mb ram devices AND giving me my "peace of mind" -_-
  • I am really glad to see great games coming to WP and Windows 8 but it does stink that they are not Xbox branded. Cant blame Gameloft as it has been well documented that Microsofts certification process is just horrible. You think someone at MS would see this and change it ASAP.
  • As much as this sucks, I say good. Let all the big publishers drop Xbox live support on WP and Windows. That's the only way to get MS to pull it's fingers out of their ears and change the crazy policies and restrictions. The developers have spoken, now let's just hope MS listens.
  • Sadly (for Xbox fans), you are probably right.
  • I say let WP die as well, its increasingly becoming an app launcher OS like the others.
  • No Xbox Live no download. Was hoping this would be a live title too.
  • I just have to wait until it is optimized for 512 Mb ram, I guess. Which will take a looooong time.
  • +1, this was the game I've been waiting for....and it's not available for my phone :( let's hope they'll optimise it for 512 mb ram phones.
  • 512mb support will be available at the end of this year, for sure
  • Where did you hear that?
  • Dammit ! Why don't they make smaller size games and that work on 512 MB RAM. However its atleast good to see that it is free and not paid. So thumbs up to that !
  • Minion Rush!
  • Well, here's another example of a game I will not be able to play on my 1520. I only have 5Gig free right now and do not want to get rid of any apps. Glad Microsoft stated that Apps on the SD card is coming in 2014. Maybe AT&T knew this so went with 16Gig on board. LMAO nope just AT&T being AT&T!!
  • Shame about the 1520's lack of storage space. Where did you hear that tidbit about using apps from SD cards?
  • I guess on a wpc article
  • actually the xbox does not add any real benifit to the mobile games it even results in slower updates, so why u guys keep crying about something that is not important at all? dont tell me for the so called "achievments" as they does not benifit the user in any mean rather than some stupid scores
    Nokia just simply does not want to make a perfect mobile phone, they created the 1020 with amazing camera but same screen and same processor with 1 gb extra ram and launched the 1520 with full hd screen, faster processor, 2gig of ram but decreased the camera from 41 to 20 and the capacity to 16 gb and make the screen 6 inch! why the hell nokia dont creat a 5-4.8 inch full hd, snapdragon 800, 41megapixl and 2 gig of ram??????????????????????
  • I think people need to realize that this is a Microsoft problem, not a publisher one. This DOESN'T happen with the Amazon's Game Circle, Apple's Game Center, and the new thing that Google Play has. The process itself is the problem. It's not simply a SDK, it's an approval process. Publishers aren't going to use it when it tacks on a week or more of time to get their games out on the platform. You know how many more games could come into the spotlight and take away from the launch?
  • Preach it, sister.
  • That's why the #Savexboxwp campaign is aimed primarily at Microsoft employees.
  • C'mon MS.. Do something...
  • Good for remove xbox live..
  • works fine  
  • Cool -- Paul Acevedo so I get to choose between a female and a female character, eh? Someone's got women on their mind this morning...
  • Ha! Can ya blame me? Fixed. :)
  • Finally! I love it on windows 8, but since I don't have a touch screen laptop, I've been waiting on this to come to Windows Phone!
  • Plays okay on 920
  • I saw this last night, but hate playing games using touch control pads... Does this game support Xbox controllers?
  • 4gb?!?! That's insane, I'm sorry but damn that's too much and I have a 925 which is 16gb, I just got halo which was on sale the other day and I had to erase some stuff to make space so I guess I'll hold off on downloading this game >.<
  • So if games on windows phone do stop having Xbox features included what's the allure of buying a windows phone? That would push me back to android very quickly.
  • If getting gamerscore is your primary buying impetus, you deserve android...
  • Its a WP feature that attracted a buyer, should MS abandon all its other unique features like live tiles too?
  • Xbox Games for Windows Phone was a great idea, but Microsoft was absolutely incompetent in actually implementing it. Seriously, the imbeciles they got to run that program need to be thrown out into the street.
  • Trend #SaveXboxWP on twitter
  • I for one am happy its free and free off xbox points, something which i will never even own and has no meaning to me.
  • "free off xbox points"?? What does this even mean? BTW, there are no Xbox points anymore nor have there been for a couple of months. It's real money now.
  • First of all, free to play isn't free. Its invasive. Second, your rant about Xbox points is nonsensical
  • "Let's hope Gameloft's Windows Phone servers are up to the task." Judging by Kingdoms & Lords, their servers are not up to the task. I get constant network errors trying to save data, etc.
  • comon realy ? this is nothing more then a cheap diablo ripoff :(  
  • Do you have Diablo on your Windows Phone? I didn't think so... Nor is it bad to play more than one game in the same genre. ~ ~
  • If he is running the PS1 emulator he could possibly have Diablo
  • I guess so, heh.
  • Ugh. Why can't I just pay a reasonable price and get a game. This "free" to play bullshit is ruining the mobile game space.
  • I hate it too!  I just want to pay for an add free game... The free/ pay for pieces is way more profitable to the masses though...  Which is sad...
  • tldr:  I completely agree. I am totally willing to pay up front to get a good game.  I'm even willing to pay for additional content after the fact if it's by way of actual expansion packs that extend the life and playability of the game.  Or are simply cosmetic type items that don't affect actual gameplay....   But I hate with a fiery passion these systems that highly incentivise in-app purchases which actually affect gameplay.  And they are set up so it's either ridiculously expensive/hard to get certain items or downright impossible to do so without spending money.   And in multiplayer and PVP gaming it's even worse because you would practically have to pay in order to compete because if the other person is willing to outspend you on gear / abilities then you're probably screwed. So I need 5000 gems to get a certain weapon or piece of armor....  But the only way (I've seen so far) to get gems is either to spend money and buy them in packs or perhaps win a few through a once-a-day free bronze lottery spin?!   And if you want more lottery spins or spins at higher levels I need to spend gems?  Is there any way to convert gold collected in game into these gems?  Not that I've found. This all would be easier to ignore but then you're also going to pop up "offers" on these items all the time when loading the game and between levels that make it seem like I'm getting such a great deal on an item but all these deals require gems for purchase just trying to get people to spend actual money....    And if that isn't be enough you are going to place items in my inventory screens that show up right next to the gear I have collected that all conveniently require purchase with these f'ing gems.   Well... piss off because I'm not falling for that B.S....  I either refuse to spend any money in games like this or I refuse to play them at all.   As was said, it's ruining mobile gaming.  I play games to play games and relax for a bit... not to have some company constatly trying to sell me things.   Grrrr...   /rant Also... no cloud saves so games are tied to a single device. So lame.
  • If you have been in the forums, we made a hashtag to save Xbox on Windows Phone, either for Instagram, Twitter, or whatever. It is #SaveXboxWP, and spam major nelson, xbox, windows phone, gameloft, etc.
  • On one hand, this should be a sign of quite possibly the end of xbox live games on WP.  On the other hand, Gameloft has made a living off of ripping off every franchise known to man and taking advantage of consumers so "whatevs for cereal".
  • Sounded like it might have been a bit like Baldur's Gate, which got me excited. Only problems are 1) free to play (ie. so expensive they won't quote you a price up front) and 2) parts 1,2 & 3 are not yet available in the store (I'm the sort that didn't play BG2 ToB before BG2 SoA, BG1 TotSC & BG1, I want to discover the story from the start not jump in at chapter 4). I think I'll wait until a better option comes along for my limited app space on my 820.
  • Might have to clear some space
  • Are the servers merged with the android/ios servers or is it Windows servers only?
  • Ok, i get some people are a little miffed at the lack of XBL integration and that's understandable BUT the thing is without it, games(big games) come to the platform quicker which will inturn bring more users. As Belfiore has stated, more users mean more devs to bring popular apps to platform. I for one am glad that Asphalt8 n this game have no xbl as it means quicker updates. I know that MS is working on the live certification process to bring it in line with iOS but there hasn't been any developments on that so im not sure anymore. As others have stated, this is an issue for MS to resolve and if they feel they have to relax the xbl cert so they can fix it, im all for it. This move may attract more AAA devs.
  • If you're getting the same game as on ios or android why will it attract anyone to WP? Being an Xbox enabled game means you already have a list of friends to play with, talk to and compete against. Otherwise its the same game as on other platforms with no extra features to make it more attractive on the WP platform. Don't see how it will bring anyone to WP.
  • The same reason that people went from ios to android. They both have the same things but something unique pulled them to android. The games are a bonus. At the end of the day the archaic cert system is hurting WP. No dev wants to put their apps through that long process as its not making them any money and if the app isnt passed then they have to start over again. By bypassing xbl, the devs will make ms work faster bcoz as you correctly state, xbox enabled games is unique feature of WP but its only one of many. I don't know how many of your friends have both xbl and a wp but mine don't. Also, due to xbl cert, wp games that are multiplatform takes ages to see parity. Id be surprised if ABR and GTA:SA have xbl because if they don't, then that will be why wp has the same release time frame as ios and android.
  • By bypassing XBL a key feature of WP is being left on the cutting room floor. And the message is being directed to Microsoft, I know why devs are eschewing XBL certification but getting games quicker doesn't make up for losing a unique WP feature. The same way some apps are marked down for not making use of platform features like double wide tiles, same applies to XBL on WP. That is why the message has to be sent loud and clear to Microsoft and game devs as well that this is not a good thing for WP.
  • I need help, I havent been able to access the windows store on my surface rt for weeks now, it keeps saying "your PC isnt connected to the internet. To use the store, connect to the internet and then try again", But there is internet in the surface, infact I'm using it to post this. Funny thing is the livetile updates to show what's new and how many updates i have, Any ideas?
  • Have any of you dl'd the game yet? I'm trying to play it on my Asus transformer book t100 and the framerate is really choppy. I hope it gets optimized soon its very... annoying o.O
  • Haven't tried it on Windows Phone but it plays fine on both my Surface RT and Pro, both running Win 8.1 in the respective flavors.   There have been a few points where it got choppy.   Mostly it has been when there were enviornmental effects such as lots of falling leaves.   Generally gameplay has been smooth on both devices though.
  • Some people don't enjoy gamerscore, some people (including myself) got a windows phone for gamers core so it is important to the OS. Get over it. I think publishers should be given an option to release their games and then be able to wait for certification to allow Xbox features in an app update. What better way to approve a game for Xbox than having it sat in the store being used, kind of like a beta. Then when it gets approved... those of us that care about xbox can jump on it and download the game. This is just my dream though.
  • My thoughts exactly. I got a WP over the others so I can get acheivements but quickly fell in love with it's other features. I don't play games on my PC either. I only game for cheevos because that's simply what I enjoy doing. It turns what would otherwise be just another pathetic mobile game offering into a more enjoyable experience for me. :)
  • I'm with the haters, sadly. I've been conditioned to only fall in love with Xbox titles for there addictive achievements. This has been going on since Xbox 360's inception eight years ago and it's likely not going to stop. Mobile games must have acheivements if I'm going to bother, it's why I bought a Windows Phone (though I did stick around for the wonderful OS). It's sad that the age of modile phone acheivements are ending, there was so much hope when Wordament came to other platforms.. but I'm surely not going to cry about it too much since the game offering wasn't quite that good to begin with. I'll simple play less games on WP! It was a good run! It was surely Microsoft's fault for not cultivating this arena better.
  • #SaveXboxWP #SaveXboxWP #SaveXboxWP. Let them hear your complaints!
    @notwen (Marc Whitten, Corporate Vice President, Xbox)
    @XboxP3 (Phil Spencer, Microsoft Studios VP)
    @MrPhilHarrison (Phil Harrison, Corporate vice president of Microsoft)
    @majornelson (Larry Hryb, Director of Programming for Xbox LIVE)
    @joebelfiore (Joe Belfiore, Corporate vice president Windows Phone)
    @toddbrix (Todd Brix, General Manager of Windows Apps and Store Team)
    @OofitsRyan (Community Manager for Gameloft)
  • Thank you and all those other fine people that keep pushing savexbox!
  • Oh no, I've been found on Twitter!  Let the 140 character conversations begin :D
  • ha ha, yes! Gameloft_Ryan, please use your Jedi powers and insider Gameloft connections to help us #SaveXboxWp!
  • Fear not!  I've been communicating the WP community thoughts on Xbox Live and all that to the appropriate people.  I'm doing all that I can (:
  • Much appreciated, Gameloft_Ryan!
  • Thanks, Gameloft_Ryan!
  • Thank you!
  • Very sad news, it gets worse every day.
    First time I disagree with Paul: Don't accept this, make no peace!
    WPC needs to adress this, not only Paul.
    This is so important and a lot of people do not realise that.
  • Get on board and help us tweet and retweet #SaveXboxWP until Microsoft wakes up!
  • I can't figure out how to exit the game lol. Anyone know how?
  • Go to the World map and press the phone's Back button, I think.
  • Thanks!  
  • Thank you! I popped in here to get info on that very issue. Who's bright idea was it to forego a "quit" button?
  • Support my suggestion about XBOX on WP if you agree!!
  • No xbox again..,, LoL,, RIP Microsoft ,.. U cant rule without Gameloft support,.
  • Everybody is flaming about the fact, that the most of the big games doesn't come with xbox. I buy games for playing it and having fun. Not for xbox achievements and gamerscore.
  • I am laughing at how seriously you nerds take gaming rofl
  • I guess you don't have to be a nerd to know that Xbox for WP is very important for the whole ecosystem.
    A lot of people (including you) fail to see that.
  • If you enjoy commenting here, please don't be rude.
  • I should've wait to get 1GB RAM devices before.
  • Is it possible to quit the game?
  • Press the world map then hit the back button. Really wierd that way.
  • I still can't believe Microsoft is letting this happen to the Xbox brand. It was a main feature that got me looking into WP.
  • I know, man. It has been an incredibly frustrating year. After picking up a Windows Phone 8 myself, I then convinced 7 of my friends to get them (and 5 of them Surface RTs too) with Xbox games being a huge selling point for them for both devices. Since then Microsoft has really dropped the ball. Help us complain to @Microsoft on Twitter: #SaveXboxWP
  • I don't think my 810 *ever* had 4GB of free space.  I'll have to skip this one.
  • Love the game on my L1020, smooth as butter. Now my question is, can you play this with mouse and keyboard on a desktop PC with W8?
  • +1
  • Why WP8 games requires so much space ?
  • It's like playing it on iOS, same thing. Android, it installs 30 or so MB onto the phone, but then downloads the rest onto the SD card. Since Microsoft doesn't want any third-party data to be installed to the SD due to security reasons... you have the idea, I hope.
    To be frank, it is a double-edged sword: keeps phone security intact, while you can't save ANYTHING to SD in third-party software and any file format that isn't an Office document in IE.
  • No Xbox live makes it crappy. The fact you can't use same character on phone and surface makes it useless.
  • Freemium games aren't worth my time to begin with.
  • Any news on Temple Run 2?
  • My favorite gamee! I love Dungeon Hunter. I wouldn't play it on my phone (l 520) even if I could, my phone would die of a heart attack or something. But, I play it on my Galaxy tab 2 at least once a day. On the other hand, most people don't give a shit about Xbox and blah blah. I'm NOT paying for games and apps that are free on Android (Sorry, Fruit Ninja). And I don't care seeing a few adds, at all. And most rational people will think the same! Why would I pay for aps that 1) come last to WP 2) Aren't as good 3) updates are slow 4)  Are free everywhere else. Not even if I could because.. Microsoft has a bug with its store and doesn't let me buy apps! :Q Waiting for Moto G to finally upgrade.
  • Moga pro support?
  • I don't think so, but somebody should test it.
  • Has anyone gotten multiplayer working? I get an error message every time. Here's one reason why I do wish it was an Xbox title.
  • A heavy game like this I have a think in my mind that it needs 1 GB or more RAM to be installed. And higher internal memory is recommended. I compared to Dungeon Hunter 4 in Android, Android version is said that required for minimum 512 MB RAM, 1 GHz processor.
  • I've been waiting since gameloft announced this game for windows devices but sadly it crashes immediately on both my laptop (Core i3-350M, 4GB RAM) and my Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T (Atom Z2760, 2GB RAM). It's really dissapointing as this is the only free co-op supporting dungeon crawler available. At least my lumia 1020 seems to have no problem running it and i've been playing there :)   Also, does anyone know if the game supports cross platform multiplayer?
  • Sorry to hear about the Windows 8 issues you're having! It might support WP8-to-Windows 8 cross-platform multiplayer, but I haven't tested it yet.
  • can android users play multi-player with windows 8 users?
  • I tried it, but it seems that they cant. I was trying to connect to my friend. I was using Lumia 625, he was using some androcrap device. We couldnt add each other to friend list in game via facebook, and it seems to be no other way.
  • 4 GB of free space to install it?! It is impossible on my Lumia 820 :(
  • Just go to Windows Store in the browser on your computer, log in to your microsoft account, find DH4 app, and click "install manualy" in left menu on the bottom. The game will download as a XAP file, which you can put into your SD CARD. It has 1 gb and it is installation file to windows phone. After putting it into SD card, restart your phone, go to windows store in it, and after a few seconds new category should appear "SD Card". Now you can install the game from SD Card, and save a lot of space. Doesnt require 4gb now. Just 1gb. Cheers.
  • I installed Asphalt 8 in this way, but my 2 GB of free memory space are not sufficient for DH4 also when it is in SD Card. Thank you anyway.
  • I use HTC 8X and I had more that 4GB free space and with the last update of the game can't go with the installation beacauce it stores data into the System Storage and at some time later the update cancel because it has no more free space. so I have delete all my games and still the system storage is at 6,7GB and can't remove this data to gain some space for my device. what the f@ck did they do and why did not inform the users for this at the description.
  • When I had to update Asphalt 8 (820 MB), it was impossible directly so I downloaded the new version in the SD card and reinstalled it with 2 GB of free memory space. My game progresses have not been deleted..
  • Dungeon Hunter 4 DOES RUN on a 512MB device!
    I'm playing it on my Nokia Lumia 625, which has a 1.2GHz dual core processor, 512MB of RAM and Adreno 305 GPU.
    Happy Demon Hunting!
  • Yeah, they updated it with 512 MB support a while after the game came out.