Gameloft's latest release is Battle Odyssey, a new match-three puzzle RPG hybrid

Recruiting over 500 allies from multiple factions, your goal is to take advantage of unique elemental affinities said recruits have that can be enhanced and evolved to really become a force to be reckoned with. That's according to the game description, but the title is essentially a match-three game with some collectable and RPG elements thrown into the mix.

Gameloft does attempt to keep things interesting with limited-time events and whatnot. The game art style is also really pleasing to play through. When you're done playing on your own and wish to move out in the world, you're able to take part in real-time battles against other players, rising to the top of the leagues as you battle through multiple victories.

Battle Odyssey

It's a universal game available for both Windows and Windows Phone. Grab the new title from Gameloft from the respective stores using the links below.

Download Battle Odyssey for Windows Phone (free)

Download Battle Odyssey for Windows (free)

QR: Battle Odyssey

Cheers, Zapella, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
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