Modern Combat 5 Windows

Gameloft has released Modern Combat 5 today on numerous platforms, including both Windows and Windows Phone. We covered the smartphone launch earlier this morning, but now those with Windows-based tablets and other hardware can enjoy the action.

The title (both on Windows and Windows Phone) features 3D graphics and require ample amounts of memory in order to function, which shouldn't surprise anybody (sorry, 512MB RAM folk). None of the versions support Xbox Live either, but that is to be expected with how things have been progressing for some time.

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Modern combat 5 will set purchasers back by $6.99 and no trial, but for that price you get the full game and no in-app purchases (for the time being). Be sure to give our Modern Combat 5 review a read through too.

For Windows Phone owners only:

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512MB Not Supported

Thanks, Abhinav N., for the tip!

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