At long last, U.S. gamers will be able to shave unwanted hair away with Razer and Gillette

 Gillette Labs Razer Edition
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What you need to know

  • One of Razer's most recent collaborations saw the release of an actual razor in partnership with Gillette. 
  • Having launched in other markets, such as Europe, earlier in 2023, the Gillette Labs x Razer is now available in the United States. 
  • We're not supposed to call it the Razer razor, just so you know. But that's totally what it is. 
  • To get one, you'll have to hit up your nearest Target, or buy it online. 

It's not often the Americans don't get something at the same time as or before the rest of the world, but for one of Razer's biggest launches of the year, that was the case. 

But finally, at long last, gamers in the United States can get their shave on with the Gillette Labs x Razer, er, razor. 

After a highly successful global launch earlier this year, the two brands – who both have rich history and tradition within the gaming community – are excited to bring the GilletteLabs Razer Limited Edition to the United States. Starting November 6, gamers and fans will be available to purchase the Razer and GilletteLabs razor exclusively at Target locations nationwide, as well as online at


All jokes aside (we really aren't supposed to call it the Razer razor), it's actually a really cool product. I picked one up during the recent Prime Day sale, despite being someone that doesn't shave all that often. I mean, I had to. It's a razor branded by one of my favorite companies. That and I have no self-control. 

The razor itself is essentially the standard Gillette Labs affair you can buy in other designs, which also means you don't have to buy special blades for it or anything. It comes packaged in a neat travel-ready case, with a slot on the back to stow your blades and space inside for the razor and its stand, though it appears U.S. buyers may not get this. 

The American launch gets some additional goodies, too, for Razer fans.  

To further level up the gaming and grooming experience, Razer is including an exciting Razer Silver promotion with the purchase of the razor. Details include: Each pack of Razer 1-up razors comes with an enticing offer of 3,000 Razer Silver. In addition, five lucky winners will have the opportunity to pocket $100 worth of Razer Gold.


The Razer-themed Gillette razor will be available in the U.S. beginning November 6 and is exclusively available from Target, both in-store and online. 

Gillette Labs Razer Edition | $14.99 at Target

Gillette Labs Razer Edition | $14.99 at Target

Gamers can be smoother than ever with the special edition Gillette Labs collaboration with Razer. Watch your KDA go up as your body hair count goes down. 

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