Baldur's Gate 3 player turns the Astral Prism into a fully functioning Xbox controller

Dylan Beck with Xbox controller built into Astral Prism
(Image credit: Rudeism aka Dylan Beck on X)

What you need to know

  • Dylan Beck, aka Rudeism on Twitch is a variety streamer known for building and weird and wonderful game controllers.
  • For a playthrough of Baldur's Gate 3, he's painstakingly crafted an Xbox controller to look like a popular artifact from the game.
  • The controller took 5 months to make, and even has motion controls built in to simulate thumbsticks.

While most of us seek out the most comfortable and ergonomic controllers to play our games, this streamer is known for making off the wall creations for his controllers and really pushing the boundaries of what is possible. From watermelons to frying pans (yes really) Rudeism on Twitch, real name Dylan Beck, can make a controller out of almost anything. His latest project being the most ambitious yet, recreating the Astral Prism artifact from Baldur's Gate 3

"If you'd told me I'd be making things on this level back when I was shoving wires into bananas, I'd have said you're insane." (Image credit: Dylan Beck aka Rudeism on Twitter/X)

Believe it or not, this 3D-printed Astral Prism works as a fully functioning wireless Xbox controller, with all inputs accounted for and even built-in motion controls to accommodate thumbsticks. Beck's video on TikTok about the creation of this mindblowing controller has received over 500k views in 3 days and details the process involved in making the Gith artifact a reality.

In the video, Beck details how he only planned to take a week to create the controller, with his original deadline being The Game Awards. In actuality, it took 5 months to perfect and execute the design. From designing the body to fitting 20 switches, 3D printing each part, and wiring all the circuitry, it was a labor of love from start to finish.

We think the end product looks incredible, as does Larian, whose founder Swen Vincke has shared the controller on his socials too. 

Beck hasn't just made the Xbox controller look good for TikTok, either. He's actually going to be playing through Baldur's Gate 3 with it live to prove it works as intended, so if you want to check that out, you can follow him here on Twitch

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