Destiny 2's Deep Stone Crypt raid weapons will soon be craftable with new perks

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What you need to know

  • Destiny 2 developer Bungie has announced that Destiny 2's Deep Stone Crypt raid is getting overhauled with craftable weapons and new perk options in Season 19.
  • Earning crafting patterns for the raid weapons will work just like it does for other raids, meaning players will need to grind for five Deepsight "red border" drops before they can craft raid weapons with the perks they want.
  • The new perk pools for the raid weapons will include classic ones like Reconstruction, Recombination, and Redirection, as well as fresh ones like Incandescent, Voltshot, and Focused Fury. All weapons will also have a new origin trait called "Bray Inheritance."
  • To play through the raid and earn this new loot, players will need to own Destiny 2's Beyond Light expansion.

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has announced in its latest This Week at Bungie developer blog that when Season 19 goes live on December 6, 2022, the weapons Deep Stone Crypt raid will be made craftable. Additionally, all of the weapons will feature a revamped perk pool, giving players the opportunity to grind for fresh god rolls. 

Similar to how crafting works for raid weapons from Vow of the Disciple and King's Fall, players will have a chance to earn Deepsight "red border" weapons from each encounter during their first clear of the raid each week. Additionally, players will also be able to purchase a Deepsight weapon of their choosing from the chest at the end of the raid using Spoils of Conquest once per week. Once players earn five Deepsight versions of a particular raid weapon and either complete each one's Resonance by killing enemies or simply dismantle them, they'll unlock its pattern and will be able to  create a version of it with the roll they want with the Destiny 2 weapon crafting system.

Notably, whenever Deep Stone Crypt is the weekly featured raid, players will be able to complete each encounter as many times as they want for weapon drops. All of these extra weapons will have a chance to drop as red borders, so playing the raid while it's featured will be an effective way for players to grind for patterns.

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In terms of the new perks on offer, Bungie Senior Design Lead Chris Proctor said that Bungie's goal is to "keep the most beloved combinations and drop the rest to make room for new perks." With that in mind, players can expect raid-specific perks like Reconstruction, Recombination, and Redirection to remain available, with new ones like Incandescent, Voltshot, and Focused Fury spicing things up. All of the raid weapons will also feature a new origin trait called "Bray Inheritance," though it's not clear what it will actually do yet. Some possible perk combinations will include the following:

  • Heritage (Slug Shotgun): Reconstruction/Focused Fury  
  • Posterity (Hand Cannon): Voltshot/Rampage  
  • Trustee (Scout Rifle): Rapid Hit/Incandescent 

Overall, it's exciting to see Deep Stone Crypt get overhauled with refreshed rewards, and I'm definitely planning on grinding the raid in Season 19 and beyond. Keep in mind that you'll need to own the Beyond Light expansion in order to access the raid, which is currently on sale.


Destiny 2: Beyond Light

The Beyond Light expansion from 2021 gives you access to the Deep Stone Crypt raid, the DLC's story campaign, plenty of new Exotic weapons and armors, and more. You'll need it to grind for the refreshed Deep Stone Crypt weapons, but thankfully, it's on sale right now.

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