F1 Manager 2023 comes to Xbox and Windows PC later this year

Screenshot of F1 Manager 2023.
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What you need to know

  • F1 Manager is a more simulation and management-focused line of games separate from EA's F1 series.
  • On Wednesday, Frontier Developments announced F1 Manager 2023, the second installment in the franchise.
  • F1 Manager 2023 brings a new gameplay mode and plenty of improvements over its predecessor.
  • The game arrives on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC, and PlayStation consoles in Summer 2023.

Electronic Arts and Codemasters may be in charge of the popular F1 series of simulation racing games, but many players are more interested in the management side of professional racing. For those gamers, Frontier Developments reignited the F1 Manager series last year. On Wednesday, the developer unveiled the next installment in the renewed franchise. F1 Manager 2023 is coming.

F1 Manager 2023 includes the latest F1, F2, and F3 championships, with a number of additions and improvements over last year's release. The new Race Replay game mode will let players rewrite infamous moments in the 23-race season, while deeper management systems give players more control in the returning Career mode.

In addition to being the Team Principal in charge of the entire racing team, you'll also be able to take on the role of the Sporting Director, leading the pit crew and managing their training schedules. Players will also have to carefully consider the balance between cost, performance, and reliability when managing their racers and cars, and invest in long-term improvements over simulated years to ensure their teams stay on top.

Frontier Developments also made substantial improvements to the simulation of races, with shifting race lines, optimal tire temperature windows, various mid-race management options, improved AI, and commentary from David Croft and Karun Chandhok.

F1 Manager 2023 isn't my cup of tea, but it's almost guaranteed to appeal to a large number of gamers who love to get lost in the details, and could be one of the best Xbox racing games of the year. F1 Manager 2023 is officially arriving later this year, specifically Summer 2023, and will come to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, and PlayStation consoles. There's no exact release date or preorder options yet, but we shouldn't have to wait long to hear more.

Interestingly, and unlike other management-style games, F1 Manager 2023 does not separate its console and PC versions, ensuring feature parity between platforms. F1 Manager 2023 has also not been confirmed for Xbox or PC Game Pass, and there's no reason to expect the game to land on the service (there are plenty of other great racing games on Xbox Game Pass, though, including F1 22). You can view some official images for the game below.

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