Hogwarts Legacy Graphorn location: How to capture the magical beast

Hogwarts Legacy Graphorn
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There are 13 different magical beast species that you can capture in Hogwarts Legacy, but arguably the most majestic and powerful is the Graphorn. This large creature is known for its rough skin that is harder than dragon scales and for the tentacle appendages around its mouth. Due to how strong they are, Graphorns cannot be captured as easily as other Hogwarts Legacy creatures. 

Without further ado, let's dive into where to find Graphorn Dens, how to unlock them, and how to capture these magical beasts

Hogwarts Legacy: How to unlock Graphorn

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Unlike most other magical beasts that appear relatively early on in Hogwarts Legacy, Graphorns will not appear in the overworld until much later in the game. The first one you catch is actually part of a late-game quest titled "San Bakar's Trial." But after that, you can revisit the Graphorn Den and capture more of them. 

It's also worth noting that once you complete this quest, the Lord of the Shore Graphorn will be rideable from here on out. Just open the mount menu and choose the Graphorn to ride. This beast is powerful and can smash through enemies and obstacles at a very fast pace. The ability to ride magical beasts is just one thing that makes Hogwarts Legacy of the best PC games and best Xbox games out there.

Should I kneel or attack the Graphorn?

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During the San Bakar's Trial quest, you'll have to fight a Graphorn in its den. This will take some work as this is a very powerful creature. When you finally get its health down, it will charge you and you'll have to make the choice to either kneel before it or attack it. 

Both options allow you to capture the Graphorn, so it's really just a matter of preference for how you want your character to respond. If you have a fondness for magical beasts then kneeling makes sense and represents a show of mutual respect between yourself and the Graphorn. However, if you're playing a more malicious witch or wizard then you might want to attack and subdue it in a show of dominance. 

Hogwarts Legacy: Graphorn Den location

Hogwarts Legacy Graphorn Den

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Males vs females: Males are large horned beasts with reddish coloring while females are slightly smaller with more muted coloring and slimmer horns. Like most other fantastic beasts you can catch, a male and female Graphorn can be bred in the Room of Requirement to make baby Graphorns.

Graphorn Den Location: Unlike most other magical beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, Graphorns only appear in one place: The Graphorn Den at the bottom of Clagmar Coast.

To get to it, go to World Map → Clagmar Coast → South Clagmar Coast Floo Flame. Leave the house and head up the path to the east. Eventually, you'll see a large dragon skeleton. Go toward it and head through the arch in the rock to get to the Graphorn Den. 

Hogwarts Legacy: How to catch a Graphorn

Graphorns are very large, very powerful creatures and so you cannot just go up to them with Levioso and capture them with your Nab-sack. Instead, you must battle them first and weaken them before they can be caught — kind of like how you capture Pokémon.

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To take a Graphorn out quickly, you need to prepare to dodge and counter whenever you need to. They'll swipe with their claws and slam with their tail. When it's safe to attack, do a mixture of basic attacks, your most powerful spells, and make sure to hurl any large rocks in the area at them to get their health down. 

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After a while, the Graphorn will get tuckered out and will lie down. Approach it and get your Nab-Sack ready. 

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When you're close enough, pull out the Nab-sack and you'll capture the Graphorn relatively easily. 

Capturing a large beasty

Graphorns are massive beasts with strange tentacles around their mouths and skin that is tougher than dragon scales. Due to their robust nature, it makes sense that they cannot simply be caught with a quick Levioso charm and the Nab-sack. You'll need to take your time dodging their attacks and sending your best attacks back at them in turn before they'll let you catch them. 

Since Graphorns don't unlock until very late in the game, you'll need to make your way through the majority of mainline quests before you can unlock one of these magical creatures. But being able to ride one around the map and destroy anything you run into is well worth it. 

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