How much is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

How Much is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?
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How much is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the premium tier of Microsoft’s gaming subscription service, starts at $14.99/month. Considered by fans to be “the best deal in gaming,” Xbox Game Pass Ultimate provides access to hundreds of Xbox and PC games in addition to Xbox Live Gold, supplemental Perks, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and the entire EA Play library. Potential customers can subscribe to monthly payments or pre-purchase three-month increments for $44.99

Can you get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1?

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For an extended promotional period, Microsoft allowed new members to experience the benefits of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for only $1 for the first month. However, the aggressive $1 introductory pricing is no longer available. Microsoft remains committed to offering further future promotional offers, but for now, the almost impossible-to-believe discount is retired. 

More Xbox Game Pass options to consider

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While Xbox Game Pass Ultimate arguably provides the best value to console subscribers, other options are available. PC Game Pass is $9.99/month and supplies a distinctive collection of over 100 PC games, including Xbox Game Studios titles on day one, as well as EA Play’s assortment of PC games. Xbox Game Pass for Console is also $9.99/month and features mostly the same library of high-quality console games as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate without the advantages of Xbox Live Gold, Perks, and EA Play.

Is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate worth the price?

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In a time where more and more video game publishers are embracing $70 price tags, subscription services like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can be a fantastic option for players on a budget. Understandably, $14.99/month is still a significant commitment; whether that’s justifiable will depend on your gaming habits. For folks just diving into the Xbox ecosystem, this is an excellent way to sample a massive variety of some of the best-rated games on Xbox.  

There are hundreds of outstanding titles available on Xbox Game Pass. However, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate brings even more to the table with trials of brand-new EA games, remarkable Perks like in-game cosmetic items, Xbox Live Gold and Games with Gold, and the power of Xbox Cloud Gaming. If the standard monthly rate is too much to swallow, you can also keep your eyes peeled for exceptional deals from various online retailers. 


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 1-Month

Experience what many consider the best deal in gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. With hundreds of great games and plenty of bonus perks for one low monthly fee, it's an outstanding value for Xbox and PC players.

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  • GraniteStateColin
    Is there any news on a Family Plan in the US? I know they've added a few other markets, and it sounds like it will be coming to the US at some point, but unclear if that's in weeks, months, or years.

    I'm not sure how typical we are of US families, but we have multiple Xboxes, one per kid, and also a couple of reasonably equipped Wintdows 11 gaming PC's with 30 series or 40 series RTX cards). More important, there are 3 gamers, which means the ONLY way to fairly provide GamePass to one kid is to get it for all (plus, they need GamePass or Gold to play online games with each other). I am NOT paying for 3 subscriptions, so out of fairness to the kids, I pay for zero. I would IMMEDIATELY jump on a family plan. So in my case, MS is definitely just leaving my money on the table by not offering this in the US.