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Hogwarts Legacy: Solved by the Bell Map and student
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Hogwarts Legacy is filled with fun sidequests and dungeons for players to explore. Later on in your wizarding-world adventures, you can come upon a quest titled, "Solved by the Bell," which involves finding a Music Map and then using it to solve a bell puzzle in another location. It can be kind of tricky knowing how to read the map. Plus, finding it in the first place isn't straightforward. 

I'll go over where to get the Music Map in Hogwarts Legacy and then lead into how to complete the Solved by the Bell quest. It's the many fun sidequests that help make this one of the best PC games and best Xbox games out there.  

Hogwarts Legacy: How to get The Solved By the Bell quest

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You need the Music Map in order to unlock this Hogwarts Legacy sidequest. It's located in Henrietta's Hideaway, which is on the bottom tip of the Manor Cape under the ruins. 

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To get to this map you need to enter Henrietta's Hideaway, which is accessed by going down the stairs on the southern side of the ruins and going through the double doors. 

You might recognize this area as the place where The Hippogriff Marks the Spot quest and the Rescueing Rococo quests take you. There are many side rooms, secrets, and puzzles in Henrietta's Hideaway, but this Solved by the Bell walkthrough will be a straightforward guide to grabbing the Music Map and leaving Henrietta's Hideaway. 

If you need help completing the puzzles and getting past the tricky floors in this dungeon then head over to my The Hippogriff Marks the Spot walkthrough for more details.

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When inside Henrietta's Hideaway, you need to go past the spell puzzle doors and head into the Hippogriff statue room. Defeat the Ashwinders in here by either sneaking around with Petrificus Totalus or by casting your most powerful spells at them. 

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When they're defeated, go to the back of the room and head up the winding stairs on the left. 

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Then take the short flight of stairs right and come back into the Hippogriff statue room. You'll see a hallway to your left with braziers on either side of it. The floor leading into this next room is enchanted and will suck you into the wall and back out into the Hippogriff statue room if you step on it. 

To get past it, you can either use Wingardium Leviosa on one of the braziers and drop it on the trick floor then quickly run to the next room while the floor is moving. Or you can cast Arresto Momentum on the floor and then quickly run across it. 

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Several Ashwinders will be in the next room down the stairs. You can once again sneak around a stealthily defeat the enemies in this room or take them head-on with your best spells. Note that there are some enemies on the second floor on the left side of the room. You might want to pull them down with Accio to make the fight a little more even. 

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When the room is free of enemies, look to the right side of the room just under the stairs and you'll see that the wall looks a little weird. Run to it and the wall will open revealing a secret room. 

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Just after entering this secret room, turn left and face the table. Grab the Music Map that rests next to the candles. 

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You cannot leave this room the way you came in. Instead, you must run up the stairs and go through another trick wall back into the room that held the Ashwinders. Now you can either leave Henrietta's Hideaway the way you came.

Alternatively, if you've already run through The Hippogriff Marks the Spot quest, you can leave through the spell cube puzzle door on the other side of the room and then stand on the circular platform in the alcove to take you outside. 

Hogwarts Legacy: Solved By the Bell map location

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The map you find in Henrietta's Hideaway wants you to go to Clagmar Castle. This is located on the Clagmar Coast right next to the Clagmar Castle Floo Flame

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Clagmar Castle is in ruins and it can be hard to spot the bells, but they are still attached to the building on the west side of the castle

Hogwarts Legacy: How to complete the bell puzzle

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Land on the wooden platform that is right in front of the bells. There are Ashwinders in the ruins, but they will leave you alone unless you tipped them off. If they do bother you then defeat them and then come back to the platform. 

Hogwarts Legacy: Solved By the Bell solution. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Use your basic attack to aim and strike the bells in the correct order that the Music Map indicates. The correct order to strike the bells is: 

  1. Second from bottom
  2. Fifth from top
  3. Third from top
  4. Fourth from top
  5. Fifth from top
  6. Top bell
  7. Second from top
  8. Fourth from top

If you hit the bells in the right order, you'll soon realize that they play a very familiar song: The Harry Potter theme composed by John Williams for the Warner Bros. movies. The quest will wrap up and you're free to move on to your next sidequest.

An enchanting melody

Solved by the Bell isn't too difficult in theory, but knowing where to get the Music Map and knowing where to go in order to play the bells isn't as straightforward. On top of that, reading the Music Map and knowing which bells to ring can be a bit confusing. But the fun little Easter egg reward of playing this familiar Harry Potter theme makes this quest memorable.

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