How to respec your character in Palworld

Palworld Cattiva, Lamball, and chicken
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Welcome to Palworld, the latest creation from the developers behind Craftopia. Tons of Craftopia's DNA can be found within, alongside what seems to be a strong mix of Pokémon meets Breathe of the Wild. Throw in the ability to butcher the Pokémon, and out comes Palworld!

Throughout the game, players will struggle to find specific materials, or perhaps they'll mess up-leveling their character. 

If that's the case, we're here to help! Let's get that character stat sheet fixed! Be prepared, though, it's not a quick process and will require time and some material farming. 

How to respec your character

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I know a lot of players have been asking, can you respec your character in Palworld? The simple answer is yes, you can. However, only your stats can be reset. Points you've spent on technology, at least for now, can't be refunded.

To get to that point, players must chip away at the game for quite some time. You'll have to reach level 43 before you're able to unlock this ability via the Abilities menu. Let's create the Memory Wiping Medicine!

What you need to craft the Electric Medicine Machine

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You'll need a long list of items to build your very first Memory Wiping Medicine. First and foremost, craft an Electric Medicine Workbench, which is the item that unlocks at level 43. You'll need the following items to craft it:

  • 40 Refined Ingots - Crafted at the Improved Furnace using Coal and Ingots. Make sure to check out our guide on obtaining Coal!
  • 10 Circuit Boards - The game says you can craft these at a High-Quality Workbench. However, I couldn't until I unlocked and used the Production Assembly.
  • 20 Carbon Fiber - These can either be crafted or more easily obtained off of Jetragen or Shadowbeaks.

Once you've crafted and placed the Electric Medicine Workbench, your work is only half complete!

What you need to craft the Memory Wiping Medicine

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Assuming it's hooked up to a Power Generator, you'll need a Pal with the medicine skill, as well as the ensuing list of ingredients:

  • 99 Beautiful Flowers - These are dropped from Wump, Ribbuny, and Petalia. 
  • 50 Horns - These are dropped from horned creatures; go figure. I farmed most of mine from Eikthyrdeer, but Fenglope and Reindrix also contributed.
  • 50 Bones - These can be easily farmed off of Rushoar and Vixy.
  • 50 Pal Fluids - Can be looted from any water-based Pal.

Throw them in the Electric Medicine Workbench, let your Pal create it, and suck it down. You've now reset your stats!

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