Where to find sulfur in Palworld

Palworld photo of a sulfur deposit
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Palworld is the latest crazy creation by Pocket Pair, creators of Craftopia. Known for previously making a significant, open-world survival title, Pocket Pair has mixed their previous title with something more akin to that of Pokémon meets firearms. 

Players scour the world in search of Pals, resources, dungeons to tackle, humans to oppose, and bosses to overthrow. Can you catch 'em a.. uh, never mind, different game.

Part of the core Palworld experience is finding materials to craft with, and it's not particularly obvious where you find any of them when you're just starting out. That's true of Sulfur, so let's show you how to get your hands on it. 

Where to find sulfur in Palworld?

Palworld photo of a sulfur deposit inside of a dungeon

(Image credit: Michael Hoglund)

Early game - Dungeons

The first place players can find sulfur is within dungeons. Not to be confused with boss towers or other boss rooms, dungeons are clearly marked as such when players approach the entrance. They're naturally found tucked away somewhere into a mountain or hillside and are more easily spotted during the daytime. 

They basically look like a cave, so they're pretty easy to spot as you come across one. 

(Image credit: Michael Hoglund)

Once inside, players should be able to find at least one sulfur node within the zone. They're large like farmable stone, with a green hue.

 While it's rare, sometimes dungeons may only have one or two nodes that players can mine; even so, get every piece you can!

Mid to late game - Desert zone

(Image credit: Michael Hoglund)

The best place to find Sulfur is up in the desert, located in the northern portion of the map. To get there, players will want to be in their later teens, if not early 20s. 

Crossing through zones, players will find Pals and bandits well above level 20 that are hostile. Once in the desert, most enemies are in their higher teens, roughly around level 17. All except a boss patrolling the area that players can entirely stay away from.

(Image credit: Michael Hoglund)

Browse the desert using a flying mount and take to peaks to scan around the landscape. You'll find sulfur in no time, as well as plenty of coal.

Keep an eye out for areas around the desert as well. Sulfur can be found in the surrounding areas of forest as well as the desert contained by them. It's harder to see, but you're going to need tons of this stuff!

What do you need to mine sulfur?

(Image credit: Michael Hoglund)

I recommend that players obtain a metal pickaxe before tackling any sulfur nodes. While you can take them on with a stone pickaxe, the time difference is rather staggering. You can take out an entire collection of sulfur in seconds using a metal pickaxe, whereas a stone one will take upwards of a minute or more.

It's also advisable that players use some sort of flying mount when searching for dungeons and when combing the desert. Getting higher in the air makes searching far more manageable.

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