Enjoy some real Suspicious Stew with the Official Minecraft Cookbook

Product image of the Official Minecraft Cookbook by Tara Theoharis.
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What you need to know

  • On Monday, Mojang Studios announced the Official Minecraft Cookbook, written by Tara Theoharis and published by Insight Editions.
  • The Official Minecraft Cookbook includes over 40 different recipes inspired by the Minecraft universe.
  • With recipes catering to cooks of all skill levels and eaters of all diets, the Minecraft cookbook has something for everyone.
  • Craft Suspicious Stew, The Cake, Blocks of Clay Fudge, and more using the Official Minecraft Cookbook, available to purchase now.

Minecraft may attract some of the most creative gamers in the world, but it's not often seen as a source for culinary masterpieces. Mojang Studios has partnered with Insight Editions to change this, however, with the Official Minecraft Cookbook drawing inspiration from the Overworld and beyond with over 40 delicious recipes. Oh yeah, and it's available to purchase right now.

Authored by Tara Theoharis, the Official Minecraft Cookbook (announced by Mojang Studios) features dozens of recipes, promising to include something for everyone. There are vegetarian and vegan options, recipes with clearly marked difficulties for cooks of all skill levels, and different options for every mood. Always fancied the cakes in Minecraft? Now you can make one yourself. Or you can have real Suspicious Stew, although maybe don't go around telling everyone that you've been feeding your family that specific recipe.

Want an idea of what's included? The announcement post linked above includes two sample recipes, including the refreshing Flower Forest Greens and the decadent Blocks of Clay Fudge. If you're on the fence, try these recipes before pulling the trigger. The former is a healthy snack, and the latter is sure to satiate your sweet tooth.

The Official Minecraft Cookbook is available now as a hardcover and on Kindle. Normally USD $27.99, the book can purchased for just $19.59 at time of writing. This book of recipes is undoubtedly one of the best Minecraft gifts for fans of the long-running creative survival game, so pick one up for yourself or the Minecraft player in your life. It might also be a great way to get your kids to eat some vegetables.

Official Minecraft Cookbook — Tara Theoharis

Official Minecraft Cookbook — Tara Theoharis

With over 40 unique recipes inspired by Minecraft, the Official Minecraft Cookbook is a fantastic addition to the kitchen of any Minecraft fan. Enjoy Minecraft cake, a real-life variant of Suspicious Stew, and much more in the Official Minecraft Cookbook.

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