Mine more gold, play with armadillos, and test new Trial Chambers in the latest Minecraft: Bedrock Edition update

Image of Minecraft 1.21's The Breeze mob in Trial Chambers.
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What you need to know

  • Wakeup, Minecraft fans, another update just dropped — the 1.20.60 patch is now rolling out to all Minecraft: Bedrock Edition platforms.
  • This update is mostly about bug fixes, technical improvements, and advancements in vanilla parity.
  • However, there's also a ton of optional, experimental features from the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 content update, including Armadillos, Trials and hostile Breeze mobs, and more.
  • Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.20.60 is now available to download, so you try out the new features early.

We're likely still months away from the Minecraft 1.21 content update being fully released to players around the world, but you can still experience the future of Minecraft through the latest official update. Another patch is here for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on all platforms, and it's a bit more exciting than the usual batch of dozens of bug fixes and improvements.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.20.60, announced via the official Minecraft website, is a surprisingly beefy update targeting various crashing issues, problems with controls and gameplay mechanics, mob behaviors, and even tweaking the balance of mining resources like gold and lapis lazuli. What will be more interesting to a lot of players, however, is the inclusion of a ton of experimental features from the Minecraft 1.21 update.

These features are far from complete and will likely change significantly ahead of release, but anyone can now play with upcoming additions like friendly Armadillos, handy Wolf Armor, and challenging Trial Chambers with their powerful Breeze guardians. Mojang Studios is looking to collect feedback from more players than those willing to download Minecraft Preview to be on the absolute cutting edge, which will help shape future development of Minecraft 1.21.

One in-preview feature not being tested here, it seems, is 4K resolution support in Minecraft on Xbox Series X|S consoles, so we'll have to wait a little longer for that to roll out to more players. In other news, though, the Minecraft Marketplace just scored another major collaboration with its new Godzilla DLC, letting you explore as several legendary monsters from the long-running franchise.

Outside of Minecraft, which continues to be one of the best Xbox games of all time, Minecraft Legends recently received its final update, with Mojang Studios closing the doors on its experimental action-strategy spin-off for good. At least Minecraft as a whole won't be affected by any rumored strategy changes at Xbox, since it's already fully multiplatform. Not sure what I'm talking about? You can catch up on Windows Central ahead of Xbox's announced business event with Phil Spencer next week.

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