Minecraft gets Godzilla crossover DLC with Titan-sized adventures

Minecraft Godzilla King Ghidorah
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What you need to know

  • Mojang Studios and Xbox Game Studios' Minecraft has a new Godzilla-themed DLC pack. 
  • Developed by the Japanese Minecraft creators at Team-KYO and Impress, Godzilla includes four unique adventures based on different Godzilla films. 
  • Godzilla is available for $9, with a small discount for anyone subscribed to Xbox Game Pass. 

It's only fitting that a game all about building things gets a crossover dedicated to destruction. 

Minecraft's new Godzilla DLC lives up to its title, bringing four new adventures that players can explore together or with friends. Developed by Japanese Minecraft creators Team-KYO and Impress, Godzilla's four adventures are all themed after different iconic films from the long-running series, though it's clearly focused on newer entries.

Godzilla is available right now for $9, though anyone subscribed to Xbox Game Pass can get a tiny $0.90 discount. Like all Xbox first-party games, Minecraft is also available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers at no additional cost. 

Minecraft just keeps on growing

Minecraft continues to grow every year, with Mojang Studios partnering with different teams to bring new ideas and crossovers to base experience. The game continues to retain its title of the best-selling game of all time, with Minecraft crossing 300 million copies sold as of October 2023. 

For context, the second best-selling game of all time is behind by over 100 million copies sold. That second-place entry is Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto 5, which has sold 190 million copies October 2023, and is notable for how it sells practically 5 million copies per quarter like clockwork. 

To slake any curiosity, the top five best-selling games of all time are rounded out with Electronic Arts' Tetris, Nintendo's Wii Sports, and Krafton's PUBG Battlegrounds, which currently sit at 100 million, 82 million, and 75 million copies sold, respectively. 

Analysis: A Titanic crossover befitting Minecraft's size

I'll freely admit that I'm not super into Minecraft — for this team, that title would go Zachary Boddy — but a Godzilla crossover is cool. Having all the experiences take a different form is a good idea, and this is one DLC I may grab just to check out the work the teams have done. The more I think about it, the more I'm actually surprised it's taken this long to happen. The discount through Xbox Game Pass is just funny though. I realize it's percentage-based, but still.

The timing is definitely good for this DLC pack to arrive in Minecraft, with Godzilla Minus One making waves through its extended theatrical run, and Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire slated to hit theaters on March 29, 2024. The former was absolutely excellent, easily one of the best movies of last year, and while I'm not expecting the same kind poignant story from the latter, I'm always down to watch giant monsters beat each other up. 

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