Minecraft Preview is the first Bedrock Edition beta of 2023

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What you need to know

  • Minecraft: Bedrock Edition tests future features, changes, and updates through the Minecraft Preview program.
  • On Thursday, Mojang Studios released the very first Minecraft Preview build of 2023.
  • Minecraft Preview isn't the most exciting, but it does contain new fixes and changes for the current version of Minecraft.
  • There are also a handful of minor, experimental improvements for the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update.

Minecraft had a bustling 2022 filled with events, announcements, updates, and previews, but that year is quickly being left behind. On Thursday, Mojang Studios finally acknowledged that it's 2023 with the release of Minecraft Preview, the very first preview build of the year.

Minecraft players can now install Minecraft Preview with the latest batch of changes. There's nothing terribly exciting here in the way of new features, which should be expected with Mojang Studios just coming back from holidays, but there are fixes and improvements both for the current version of Minecraft and for the experimental Minecraft 1.20 update.

Entering 2023, Minecraft is still one of the best Xbox games you can play, but it's also looking to be an incredibly exciting year for video games. The list of upcoming Xbox games is packed with titles for every genre and budget, so Mojang Studios has its work cut out for it to ensure that Minecraft remains fresh and relevant throughout the next year.

In case you missed it, one of the biggest Minecraft stories at the end of 2022 is how the Minecraft End Poem is now in the public domain.

The full changelog for Minecraft Preview includes:

Known issues


  • Players cannot stack split items while using gamepads or mouse and keyboard. We hope to have this issue resolved as soon as possible!

Minecraft 1.20 experimental features


  • Added content error for the condition that Custom blocks with permutations or properties fail to load in non-experimental worlds for JSON formats 1.19.60 and onwards


  • Camels no longer get pulled into rideable entities

Touch controls

  • Correct dismount tip now shows if not using classic touch controls

Note blocks

  • Mob heads can now be placed on top of note blocks without sneaking
    • This bypasses the default interaction, and we would love your feedback on this change!

Features & bug fixes


  • Redstone Dust now emits a sound when placed on the ground
  • Player will now respond correctly to speed changes using `minecraft:movement`


  • Crimson and Warped block sets now have a unique set of sounds


  • Fixed potential crash when teleporting players to other dimensions using commands

Commands parity

  • Running `/execute if|unless score` on a player that doesn’t have a score set will now return false
  • `/execute if|unless score` no longer accepts selectors that can return multiple entities (like: @e, @a)


  • Fixed a bug where the mouse cursor was visible and is no longer usable to control the player camera on the HUD screen after exiting the menu screen with a touch while moving the mouse around


  • Wither and Ender Dragon Spawn Eggs are no longer available in the Creative Inventory but are still available using commands


  • Players can now “pick” Iron Golems, Snow Golems, Withers, and Ender Dragons, obtaining their respective Spawn Eggs
  • Piglins can once again spawn at light levels above 7 in the Nether

Particle effects

  • Updated particles documentation with descriptions of new materials and included example particles in the example resource pack

Performance & stability

  • Fixed potential crash when using `instant_despawn` component
  • Fixed potential crash when loading actors
  • ClientSide LevelChunk generation is now Server authoritative, preventing Clients from generating unnecessary chunks

Touch controls

  • Resolved an issue that pressing the inventory button could interact with the world instead of opening the inventory on some devices
  • Fixed an issue that players couldn’t scroll pages when one row was off-screen
  • Added several levels of intervals for repeat crafting when holding on the crafted items
  • Removed the camera movement delay when the player swiped from the attack and build buttons in crosshair mode
  • The touch focus circle has been reactivated with the new touch controls (not in Crosshair mode)

User interface

  • Toast notifications can now be swiped away on touch devices in-game
  • Touch control settings section is no longer visible on Xbox


  • Evokers now play a "sit" animation when riding a mount or vehicle

Vanilla parity


  • Change various blocks’ map colors to match Java Edition
  • Change frogspawn map color to match Java Edition
  • Change bed block map colors to match Java Edition


  • Wooden Doors, Iron Doors, Wooden Trapdoors, Iron Trapdoors and Fence Gates now use the same opening and closing sounds as Java Edition
  • Updated Pressure Plates to have different sound pitches based on their behavior to match Java Edition
  • Added a unique button click sound for Wooden Buttons to match Java Edition

Technical updates


  • `Entity`
    • Fixed a bug where the `getEffect` method could return an invalid Effect (and another case where an Effect could become invalid after a new Effect was added)
  • `EntityHurtEvent`
    • Added read-only property `damageSource: EntityDamageSource` — Gets information about the damage source
    • `EntityDamageSource`
      • Added property `cause: EntityDamageCause` — Gets the damage cause
      • Added property `damagingEntity?: Entity` — Gets the damaging Entity
      • Added property `damagingProjectile?: Entity` — Gets the damaging projectile Entity
      • Added function `applyDamage(amount: number, source?: EntityDamageSource): boolean` — Applies damage to the Entity and returns the result of the operation
    • `Dimension`
      • Added function `fillBlocks(begin: BlockLocation, end: BlockLocation, block: BlockPermutation | BlockType, options?: BlockFillOptions): number`
        • Fills an area between `begin` and `end` with block of type `block`. Returns number of blocks placed
      • Added new interface `BlockFillOptions` with member `matchingBlock?: BlockPermutation | BlockType`
        • Used with `fillBlocks` to apply additional options, such as only filling blocks matching `matchingBlock`
      • `Player`
        • Added function `addLevels(amount: number): number` — Adds / Removes level to / from the Player and returns the current level of the Player
        • Added function `addExperience(amount: number): number` — Adds / Removes experience to / from the Player and returns the current experience of the Player
        • Added function `resetLevel(): void` — Resets the level of the Player
        • Added function `getTotalXp(): number` — Gets the total experience of the Player
        • Added read-only property `level` — Gets the level of the Player
        • Added read-only property `xpEarnedAtCurrentLevel` — Gets the experience earned at the current level of the Player
        • Added read-only property `totalXpNeededForNextLevel` — Gets the total experience required for the current level of the Player


  • Renamed and converted all Smithing Table recipes to use the newly introduced `minecraft:recipe_smithing_transform` recipe format
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