This new Minecraft cereal doesn't explode, but it does come with free Minecoins

The Kellogg's Minecraft x Frosted Flakes cereal.
(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios | Kellogg's)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft and Kellogg are partnering once again on a new Minecraft breakfast cereal following Creeper Crunch.
  • This time, Frosted Flakes is getting the Minecraft treatment with a plethora of Creeper marshmallows.
  • The limited-time cereal is heading to stores soon, and includes a surprise for Minecraft fans.
  • The marshmallows aren't explosive, but the box does come with a code for 350 Minecoins in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Has your life been just a little darker and a little less interesting since the end of the Kellogg's Minecraft Creeper Crunch cereal? Have you been patiently waiting since then for something new and just as sweet to occupy your mornings? Well, wait no more. Mojang Studios and Kellogg are teaming up once again, and a new breakfast cereal is the result.

To be more precise, an existing breakfast cereal is getting the Minecraft treatment. Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, an eternal behemoth of breakfast cereals, is being lavished with Creeper-colored, cubed marshmallows as part of a new limited-edition run of cereal. Presumably coming soon to stores near you, the revolutionary cereal doesn't possess the explosive qualities of the Creepers that inspired it, unless you count the explosion of taste and crunch in every bite.

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Alright, I'll dial it back a bit. Kellogg's Frosted Flakes with Minecraft Creeper marshmallows is official, though, and it sees Tony the Tiger don a gaming headset and a flashy green box. To further set the cereal apart from just being "Frosted Flakes but with marshmallows," every box of the promotional cereal will also include a code for 350 Minecoins, redeemable in the Minecraft Marketplace for endless in-game content like skins, texture packs, worlds, adventures, and much more.

Kellogg has informed interested players that only three codes may be redeemed per player, so keep that in mind if you're planning on stocking up on breakfast cereal. It's unclear how long this limited-edition cereal will be available, but I can attest that I haven't been able to find it anywhere, myself. Hopefully, the Minecraft infused Frosted Flakes will stick around for a little while.

In other food-related Minecraft news, the Official Minecraft Cookbook is now available, with over 40 different recipes contained within. With this Minecraft cereal, you can now eat like Steve three meals a day, if you felt like it. On the video game side of things, one of Xbox's best games is continuing to test new features and changes for its next major content update. The latest Minecraft Preview build is packed to the brim with interesting improvements for players to test.

You can see the new Minecraft Frosted Flakes on the Kellogg website below.

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes with Minecraft Creeper marshmallows

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes with Minecraft Creeper marshmallows

If you're in need of a new and exciting breakfast cereal to start your day, Kellogg's latest Frosted Flakes variant is the bomb. Okay, the Creeper marshmallows don't actually explode, but they should still be delicious. Plus, you get 350 Minecoins with your purchase.

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