Palworld: How to catch or hatch Bushi

Image of Bushi in Palworld
Bushi is a mini-boss at level 23 and a great pick-up for a worker in your base. (Image credit: Pocketpair)

Just in case you're living under a rock and haven't heard about Palworld yet. what was being deemed Pokémon with guns actually turned out to be more of Ark/Rust meets Zelda Breath of the Wild and Pokémon.  It has enjoyed an incredibly successful launch amassing over 7 million sales and over 2 million concurrent players on Steam. 

Like other collectathon games, there are many things to grind for and collect but nothing is as exciting as gathering the Pals themselves. If you want to get them all you will need to grab Bushi, and you can pick one up starting at level 23.

What is a Bushi?

Pal #72 is Bushi and can be found in two areas.  (Image credit: PocketPair)

Pal #72, Bushi, is a fire elemental Pal in Palworld with the "Brandish Blade" partner skill which when activated, attacks the targeted enemy with a powerful laigiri.

Fire elemental Pals aren't the absolute best element type, but they are always a popular choice. I don't think Bushi will be a part of my away team, but as a base Pal, Bushi has a lot to offer. Fire Pals are weak to water type, so If you plan on catching a Bushi make sure to bring a water type. Also, Fire is strong against Grass types, so be aware of that. 

A lot of Pals have pretty clever names, but I'm not sure that Bushi is really clever. After a quick Bing search, it looks like Bushi is a Japanese word for warrior. The Pal Bushi doesn't disregard in the sense, though, as it looks and fights like a great katana-wielding warrior.  It doesn't seem to be a mix with any kind of animal that I can notice, but interestingly, the developers made it a Fire type. I think it would be better suited as either a Ground or Neutral type. 

That is one area where Palworld could step up its game. Bring in more Pal types like Fighting, Ghost, Psychic, Steel, or close alternatives to those to avoid copyright issues. 

Where to find Wild Bushi

You can find a level 33-34 wild Bushi on the very southwest beach on the map. See the above screenshot to see an exact location. The Bushi I was tracking was on the beach and walked up to near the mountains, as you can see in the other screenshot, so be aware you might have to look around to find it. I don't recommend capturing this one, since you can catch the mini-boss version at level 23 if you have good enough Pal Spheres through a mini-boss encounter. 

Getting over to this beach before you are level 30 isn't a great idea either, even if you are using a flying Pal. There are a lot of enemies that are level 35 and above, and it's not worth losing your inventory when it's much easier to attempt the mini-boss and if you're going to die, just save the game and restart to try the fight again. 

How to catch the mini-boss Bushi

Now, this fight isn't going to be super easy if you just hit level 23. If you haven't heard about the glitch that lets you capture tower bosses basically for free, that might be an option if you want a get-out-of-jail-free card on mini-bosses and other content in the game. If you want to defeat and capture Bushi the legitimate way, then I recommend bringing a powerful water elemental type Pal and preparing for a fight. 

Bushi isn't too difficult to take down. You can take cover behind pillars to avoid its ranged attacks and just slowly lower its health. I will say I tried using some Giga Spheres and Bushi kept breaking free, so I recommend going in with at least 3 to 5 Hyper Spheres to ensure the capture. 

Once you catch Bushi, it drops 6 Ancient Civilization parts, 2 Bone, 6 Ingots, and 6 Precious Entrails. With level 1 handiwork and gathering, level 2 kindling and transport, and level 3 lumbering, this Pal is a great addition to your base. 3 lumbering means you shouldn't need to worry about wood ever again at your base, which is super nice. 

How to hatch a Bushi

You can hatch a Bushi if you like and there are literally hundreds of combinations of Pals that would hatch a Bushi, but some of the easier Pals to get early on that will breed a Bushi are Celaray and a Nitewing. To see the full list of possible breeding options, check out this fan-made spreadsheet for all the combinations. 

If you're not sure how to breed Pals yet, we are still working on a guide for that, but our guide on how to catch or hatch Lunaris has a pretty good overview of the process. Personally, unless you are trying to Min-Max your pals stats it is much easier to go get the mini-boss version of Bushi and I recommend doing that over breeding for one. 

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