Good news: Valve says you'll get your Steam Deck by the end of the year

Steam Deck right joystick
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What you need to know

  • Valve's Steam Deck is a handheld gaming PC. 
  • Many buyers have been waiting for confirmation of when their orders would ship, as the Steam Deck has been supply-constrained like other technological devices.
  • Valve shared on Friday that some of these supply issues have been solved, meaning production is being ramped up.
  • Any Steam Deck orders placed before today are now guaranteed to ship this year. 

While the wait isn't completely over just yet, Valve says that Steam Deck orders should be shipping out faster than previously anticipated for anyone that is still waiting to get their order.

Valve shared on Friday that some of the supply chain issues that had been affecting productions of the Steam Deck are being cleared up, meaning that more units can be manufactured and the expected date for all orders that were placed before today are being bumped up. 

According to Valve, many buyers in the reservation queue who previously had "Q4 or later" will now be getting their Steam Deck order sometime in Q3, which is July through September. Everyone else is now "solidly" in Q4, so if you ordered a Steam Deck before today, there's no worry of the order being delayed into 2023.

Valve states that any new orders from here on out may fall into Q4, but could also slip past that into Q1 2023, depending on the number of orders received in the near future.

The Steam Deck's specs allow it to run even more recent PC games with some settings being tweaked, and it provides a decent alternative to playing games on a laptop or desktop.


Steam Deck

The Steam Deck lets users play PC games on the go, though more recent titles may require a bit of tinkering in order to get them running smoothly. There are three different models, with the primary difference being the included storage space.

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