Homeworld 3 delayed to 2024

Homeworld 3 Hiigaran Fleet updated
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What you need to know

  • Homeworld 3 is an upcoming real-time strategy game being developed by Blackbird Interactive and published by Gearbox Publishing. 
  • The game was originally set to launch in late 2022 before being pushed back into the first half of 2023. 
  • Homeworld 3 is now delayed to 2024, with the developers targeting a February release window.

If you've been waiting to command a fleet to take on The Anomaly, you'll be waiting a bit longer. 

Homeworld 3 is delayed to February 2024, with the news coming via the game's official Twitter account. 

"Our primary goal is to deliver a Homeworld experience that lives up to the standards set by its predecessors and is worthy of this series' incredible legacy," reads the announcement. "Homeworld 3 is shaping up to be exactly that, but in order to fully realize that vision we need more time  to refine and polish the game."

Homeworld 3 comes years after the original Homeworld games that were developed by Relic Entertainment. The game is set 100 years after the disappearance of Karan S’Jet, with her successor Imogen S'jet seeking answers to what happened. New features include cover system allowing ships to duck and weave around massive structures and the debris of other ships, using things as cover when advancing on an enemy fleet.

In a preview of Homeworld 3 back in 2022, I was impressed with the AI and 3D pathfinding, which took advantage of every dimension of space available to fight in. We'll be sure to share details when Homeworld 3 gets a release date. 

Windows Central's take

This is definitely a disappointment, given how impressive the small slice that I played was nearly a year ago. Still, I'll always root for delays and for teams having enough time to polish their games, as long as the team's health is being kept in mind through those decisions. Hopefully when Homeworld 3 does arrive in 2024, it'll be one of the best PC games available.

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