Possibly the best ASUS ROG Ally carrying case is already up for pre-order

WaterField Designs CitySlicker for ASUS ROG Ally
WaterField Designs CitySlicker for ASUS ROG Ally (Image credit: WaterField Designs)

What you need to know

  • The ROG Ally is a handheld PC gaming console manufactured by ASUS due for release in June, featuring a 7-inch 120Hz touchscreen.
  • WaterField Designs is a US-based accessory manufacturer that creates carrying cases and bags from rugged materials, including nylon and full-grain leather.
  • The CitySlicker for ASUS ROG Ally is now available for a $119 pre-order on the official WaterField Designs store, with shipping starting in late June.

ASUS becomes the most significant competitor to enter the portable PC gaming scene with its ROG Ally handheld, offering more powerful hardware than Valve's Steam Deck and a Windows operating system to boot. Naturally, packing such powerful hardware into a pocket-sized device means you'll want to take extra care when traveling to protect it against hazards in the great outdoors.

WaterField Designs is one of the most reliable accessory manufacturers throwing its hat into the ring with a leather-topped CitySlicker variant explicitly designed for the ROG Ally. There are similarities within how the Ally compares to the Steam Deck, with ASUS' equivalent 7-inch touchscreen bumping its specs up with a 120Hz panel capable of running games at up to 1080p resolutions.

Not only offering to guard your upcoming ROG Ally against bumps and scratches with a suede screen protector, but the latest CitySlicker variant also features dedicated compartments for USB cables, microSD cards, earbuds, and even an HDMI cable. The case is made from full-grain leather, soft liners, and the same kind of ballistic nylon I admired in my WaterField Designs Steam Deck pouch review. It's rugged enough to put my mind at ease, so the CitySlicker will undoubtedly be the same.

We've long praised WaterField Designs for its high-quality cases and bags, even as far back as our Outback Solo for the Surface Pro 4 review, and the quality has never dipped. It's not too often that we can see an announcement post from a manufacturer and be assured that it'll be one of the best on the market by the time of release. The City Slicker for ASUS ROG Ally is available for a $119 pre-order now, with shipping expected to start around late June to early July. 

WaterField Designs CitySlicker for ASUS ROG Ally

WaterField Designs CitySlicker for ASUS ROG Ally

If you plan to pick up ASUS' hot new ROG Ally handheld, keep it protected from damage with the rugged CitySlicker carrying case. Featuring compartments for skinny accessories and suede padding to guard the console's screen.

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