This PC game is what would happen if Fallout Shelter met Resident Evil

Promotional screenshot of Undead Inc. gameplay
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What you need to know

  • Undead Inc. is an upcoming management simulator being developed by Rightsized Games and published by Team17.
  • This game has players manage a subsidiary of the Endswell Medical Corporation and help it develop technology-advanced medicine while inventing bioweapons in secret.
  • This game is scheduled to be released on PC via Steam but no release window has been announced as of yet. 

On June 11th, Team17, the publisher of cult indie titles such as Overcooked, The Escapists, and Blasphemous, announced a new title being developed by Rightsized Games called Undead Inc.

Undead Inc. is a strategic management simulation game where the player is in charge of running a subsidiary of the Endswell Medical Corporation. Your job is to manage the staff, direct them to research and develop cutting medical treatments to save patients, and keep the cash flow and general state of the company stable.

However, this company has a dark secret — a large amount of Endswell's finances is generated through developing and selling illegal bioweapons like man-made viruses and bacteria in secret. This part of your job requires you to ensure that Endswell's shadier business practices go off without a hitch, contain any viral outbreaks, and make sure that the local authorities don't catch wind of what you're up any means necessary.

Undead Inc. looks like a fascinating concept for a management simulator as it seems to combine the managerial aspects of games like Fallout Shelter with the premise, action, and settings of zombie games like Resident Evil but from the villains' perspective. 

Undead Inc. is currently slated to be released for PC via Steam with no release date announced at this time. If you're a Resident Evil fan who has ever wondered what it would be like to run the Umbrella Corporation or a fan of management games looking for a game that shakes up the formula, I recommend keeping this intriguing upcoming PC game on your Steam wish list.

Undead Inc. | Coming soon to Steam

Undead Inc. | Coming soon to Steam

Throw ethics out the window and do whatever it takes to earn a profit in Undead Inc. Create groundbreaking medicine, sell deadly bioweapons to the highest bidder, and make sure the police don't find out about your illicit activities.

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