Remnant 2: How to complete Kaeula's Rest and defeat Kaeula's Shadow

Remnant 2's Keaula's Rest
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Remnant 2 is brim full of challenging enemies, awesome items, and crushingly difficult boss fights. A Soulslike with guns is not only one of the most refreshing takes on the genre, but an absolute blast to play solo and in coop. Take on multiple worlds with procedural generation as you tackle your own patience!

Here's our guide on Keaula's Rest.


  • Root Sniper: Root Zombies with guns, and slightly more brains. These guys will dodge shots, which makes using weaponry with travel time rather annoying. I suggest guns without such nonsense to get rid of these guys.
  • Root Horror: Big enemies that take an absurd amount of damage unless dealt with correctly. They'll throw red orbs towards you that explode if touched, these orbs are extensions of themselves. Unleash hell on them with your weapon as you deal direct damage to the Horror themselves. Using a well-timed weapon mod means you can take this out in a single go rather than having to shoot multiple orbs.
  • Root Grenadiers: Hulks with grenade launchers. These guys remind me of Boomers from Gears of War.

You'll find yourself near a checkpoint at the start. Past that is a large water-trodden arena. You might also notice some pathways that are raised above the water level. Stick to these.

Head to the open door on the side of the arena and make your way forward. For much of the dungeon, your primary foes will be snipers, horrors, and an enemy I've dubbed the Root Grenadier. Don't let the last one hit you; use cover and poke out to hit him. This guy deals death-blowing damage that is otherwise impossible to avoid.

After some time, you'll come to a locked door. The key for this door is a little further ahead. You'll know you have it once you've picked up the Temple Key. When you've grabbed it, return to the door and proceed.

Remnant 2 screenshots

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After a few more enemies have been conquered, you'll come across a derelict room surrounded by foliage and water. In the center of the room will be a statute with an item in front of it called Tear of Kaeula. This item grants two extra relic uses.

The fun starts shortly after, as you're whisked away to a boss fight. Didn't you figure out that Kaeula's Rest meant something was lying in wait?

Boss: Kaeula's Shadow

Remnant 2 screenshot

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One of the most arduous bosses in the game, Kaeula's Shadow is every bit of fun as it is demanding. He consistently closes the distance between you two by swimming under the arena or maliciously sprinting at you. The worst part is after dealing a portion of damage; he calls forth tentacles that continue to spawn around you until you've killed them all.

  • Keep your distance, hitting him until he gets closer. You won't avoid this. Just be ready for it.
  • When he does get closer, use your rolls to dodge his attacks. Be precise and learn his timing. You can use this to your advantage after some time by rolling away from him. You won't be able to see him, but learning his timing means you can quickly grow the distance between you two, giving you more opportunities to be on the offensive.
  • When he submerges himself under the water, wait until he's right next to you before rolling. Rolling too soon or late will mean taking damage when he reemerges from the arena.
  • During tentacle phases, be a little picky. Take on tentacles when you're not right next to another one that can attack you. Hitting tentacles will generally keep them from beating you.

Once defeated, he'll drop Twilight Dactylus and a Tome of Knowledge. The Dactylus allows you to craft a weapon mod called Rootlash. It launches a projectile which summons a Root Tentacle. Tentacles deal a base 30 damage and steal 1.5% of the hero's Max Health per hit. It lasts for 20 seconds.

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