The Division 2 is getting fixes for the extremely annoying bugs introduced in the most recent update

The Division 2 heartbreaker build
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What you need to know

  • The Division 2 is undergoing maintenance (March 26) to address a number of issues and provide fixes. 
  • The most recent Title Update introduced some extremely annoying bugs, including the resources tab vanishing and weapon talents being randomly re-rolled. 
  • This period of maintenance should put everything back to normal, as well as provide a fix for the increasing number of connectivity issues players have been experiencing in the past week. 

The weekly reset in The Division 2 happens every Tuesday like clockwork, and the latest is accompanied by some server downtime while the development team fixes some pretty significant bugs introduced with the most recent Title Update. 

If you haven't encountered the bugs, you're lucky, or you just might not have noticed. The one most damaging to players was that weapon talents were being randomly re-rolled to something else. I didn't go looking too far in my own inventory, and both named and exotic weapons weren't affected, but I'm in a couple of Discord servers where folks were very much hit by it. 

The other big issues included the resources tab in the inventory screen just completely vanishing into thin air, and there has been a marked increase in DELTA-03 connectivity issues this past week, too. I've definitely experienced the latter, getting kicked from the game right as I was about to clear a final boss. Frustrating. 

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As annoying as it is, this stuff, sadly, does happen. With a live service game the scope of The Division 2, it's extremely difficult to eliminate all bugs from large updates. I'm not smart enough to be a game developer, so I won't sit here and pretend to have any clue, I just know it's hard. 

On a more positive note, the recent Project Resolve upgrades have certainly been making their mark. The reworks to the Global Events, for example, have so far made them all more enjoyable to play, and there's certainly plenty of life left in this old dog yet. 

Year 6 is on the horizon, so I'm perfectly happy to sacrifice some game time right now to get things ironed out as we head towards a new DLC (hopefully) early next year

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