The Fallout Season 1 viewing figures are absolutely INSANE, no wonder Season 2 was confirmed so quickly

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What you need to know

  • Amazon has already released its own information on how successful Fallout has been, but without any substantial viewing figures to illustrate it.
  • A third-party report shows Fallout Season 1 with an incredible 5 million views and 2.5 billion minutes watched in the show's first full week on Prime Video. 
  • Season 2 has already been confirmed, and there's no reason not to expect further massive success. 

Right around the time that Amazon confirmed Fallout Season 2 we also learned that the new show based on Bethesda's much loved franchise was one of Prime Video's top three most watched shows of all time. 

What we didn't get from Amazon were any actual figures to illustrate what that meant. It's impressive, either way, but thanks to a report from Variety, powered by Luminate, we can get an idea of just how much Fallout was watched in its first full week. Tl;dr is it's a lot. A lot a lot. 

For the time period of April 12 - April 18, Fallout saw 5 million views, and an astonishing 2.5 billion minutes watched. Small wonder, then, that the second season was confirmed so quickly. 

Fallout is the only Prime Video show in the top 10 in this report, but its minutes watched completely eclipses everything else on there from Netflix and Apple TV+. The number two is Netflix's Unlocked for the same period, but way back on 793 million minutes watched.   

All kinds of success then, not just for Amazon, but for Microsoft and Bethesda, the Overseers of the franchise. We've already seen increased attention on every game in the Fallout series since the show launched. Fallout 76 and Fallout 3 both hit all-time peak concurrent player counts on Steam this past weekend, and Fallout 4 continuing to hit crazy numbers almost nine years after its release.  

Season 2 is probably a way off, but we do at least (pretty much) know that it'll be venturing to New Vegas and exploring further a number of moments from the initial outing. Amazon is also planning a big Emmys push for Fallout, submitting over two dozen nominations, including best actor and actress for Walton Goggins and Ella Purnell, and the show itself in the outstanding drama category. 

The future is bright out there in the Wasteland. 

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