Updated Halo Infinite content roadmap to be shared next week

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  • 343 Industries plans to talk about the “next several months” of Halo Infinite in a forthcoming update set to arrive in the final week of August.
  • The update is expected to provide updates on the release of Halo Infinite’s co-op Campaign and Forge modes, plus other content to come ahead of Season 3 this November.

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries has outlined plans to share what’s next for the title, promising more news sometime “next week.” The studio expects to discuss what’s ahead for the “next several months” of the multiplayer shooter, bridging the wait until Season 3, scheduled to launch this November.

Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer has faced mounting criticism since its launch last year, with players voicing concerns over limited content offerings. While Halo Infinite arrived without once-staple features, namely Forge and co-op Campaign support, repeated delays to its multiplayer “seasons” have only exacerbated frustrations among the community. Halo Infinite received its first content roadmap last April, drafting up loose plans for the entirety of 2022.

343 Industries now plans to communicate what’s to come over the “next several months,” as detailed by Halo community director at 343 Industries, Brian Jarrard, in a  recent tweet. “We're about to emerge from this cocoon,” said Jarrard, stating the team is "putting together an update for next week to go over what to expect over the next several months.”

With Halo Infinite Season 3 set for Nov. 8, forthcoming content should look to address the gap in the remaining months of Season 2. While Halo Infinite has checked off many Season 2 promises, 343 Industries has yet to release co-op Campaign support and its Forge Open Beta, previously targeting late August and September, respectively. While co-op Campaign support remains in the late stages of public testing, Forge is also nearing completion, with exhaustive leaks of the map-building tool flooding the internet.

While development delays extended Season 1 and Season 2 from three-month to six-month events, 343 Industries still plans to return to shorter seasons from Season 3 onward. Once back on schedule, Jarrard tells also players the studio will have “more to regularly show and tell,” likely translating to more regular content drops for Microsoft’s flagship shooter.


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