Vampire Survivors to get free update with new Achievements, secret, and stage

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What you need to know

  • Vampire Survivors is an epic action indie game that has achieved a lot of popularity on Xbox and PC.
  • On Nov. 24, 2022, Vampire Survivors developer Poncle is releasing a free content update for all platforms.
  • The update will add two Achievements, a challenge stage, a power-up, and even a new secret for players to discover.

One of the surprise successes of the year has been Vampire Survivors, a deceptively simple single-stick action game from indie developer Poncle. Vampire Survivors is renowned for its aggressively addictive gameplay pitting players against endless hordes of diverse enemies, and it's about to get a little more content thanks to a free update.

According to Poncle, Vampire Survivors is getting a free content update on Nov. 24, 2022 for all players on Xbox and PC. The update brings the game from its just-completed 1.0 release to 1.1, and is a self-proclaimed tiny update with just a handful of new features. Still, Vampire Survivors completionists (like myself) will undoubtedly be interested in what's in store with the update.

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Vampire Survivors is getting another challenge stage that appears to be set on a narrow bridge. This unique environment will likely require new strategies in order to be conquered. There's also a mysterious new power up joining, which may aid players in surviving the added challenge stage. Of course, no Vampire Survivors update would be complete without a new secret, of which the game is positively dripping.

Finally, two new Achievements are joining the already bustling list of Vampire Survivors challenge, tasking players with returning in order to protect their 100% completion rate. All of this lands for Vampire Survivors players across Xbox and PC on Thanksgiving Thursday as a lovely holiday gift.

Vampire Survivors has quickly become one of the greatest Xbox games of 2022, and is a fantastic way to spend your time wherever you play. The addictive title is particularly well-suited to Xbox Cloud Gaming, with integrated touch controls making it easy to play a round of Vampire Survivors while you're out and about or lounging in bed.

Vampire Survivors is available now across Xbox consoles, Windows PCs, and the entire suite of Xbox Game Pass. If you're interested in getting started but are discouraged by the mountains of secrets and mysteries packed within, be sure to check out our complete beginner's guide to Vampire Survivors.

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Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is a deceptively simple indie game that has taken the world by storm with its incredible addictive gameplay, and its mountains of secrets and gameplay. Available now for Xbox and PC.

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