Where to find all the Gobstones for Zenobia in Hogwarts Legacy

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Shortly after starting your Hogwarts Legacy adventure, you’ll come upon a younger student named Zenobia who has had her precious Gobstones taken away by other students. She’s quick to elicit your help as the people who stole them from her placed them up high where she cannot reach. Fortunately, your magical skills make it a breeze to collect them using Accio. You’ll just have to spot where these small objects are. 

You also have the choice of whether or not to return the Gobstones to Zenobia after you've collected them all. The ability to make decisions like this is one reason why Hogwarts Legacy is one of the best PC games and best Xbox games out there.

How to start the Gobs of Gobstones quest in Hogwarts Legacy

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To start this Hogwarts Legacy quest, you must first acquire your wand from Ollivander’s and then head back to the school. 

  1. Go to the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower
  2. Talk to Zenobia Noke (the female Ravenclaw student standing near the stairs asking for an older student to help her). You'll find her on the same floor as the rhinoceros skeleton. 
  3. Agree to find her Gobstones to initiate the quest. 
  4. Press the Charmed Compass button (V on PC, D-Pad up on consoles and Steam Deck). Note that the “Gobs and Gobstones” quest must be selected in the quest log for this to work.
  5. Follow the trail that emerges and it will lead you to one Gobstone after the other. You can also follow the trail as shown in the mini-map. 
  6. Collect the Gobstones using Accio.

Gobstone #1: Transfiguration Courtyard

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Upon entering the Transfiguration Courtyard from where you first saw Zenobia, look up on the structure on the right where the owls are perching and you’ll see the glowing Gobstone. Use the spell Accio to bring it down to you. Press the Charmed Compass button to lead you to the next Gobstone.

Gobstone #2: Divinations Classroom tower chandelier

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Head up the spiral set of stairs that lead to the Divination Classroom. Once you’re at the top of the stairs, it will seem like you’ve reached a dead end, but a magical ladder will drop against the wall. The Gobstone is in the chandelier dangling above you. Use Accio to bring it to collect the Gobstone. Press the Charmed Compass button to lead you to the next Gobstone.

Gobstone #3: Rafters near Divination Classroom tower

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From where you got the second Gobstone, go down one floor on the spiral stairs and enter the hallway that is next to the Divinations Classroom Floo Flame. Make your way to the wooden plank walkway that leads to the Arithmancy Classroom for a few feet then turn to your left to see the Gobstone on one of the rafters. Call the Gobstone to you with Accio. Press the Charmed Compass button to lead you to the next Gobstone.

Gobstone #4: Ravenclaw Tower

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Make your way to the Ravenclaw Tower Floo Flame. The Gobstone is up on a ledge that is part of one of the corridor’s archways. Collect it by using Accio on the Gobstone. Press the Charmed Compass button to lead you to the next Gobstone.

Gobstone #5: Trophy Room arch

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Follow the Charmed Compass indicator until it leads you to the outer section of the Trophy Room. There are various suites of armor in here, but when you see A blue shield on the wall with an armored helmet at its center, look up and you’ll see the Gobstone on the archway pillar above it. As always, collect the Gobstone using Accio. Press the Charmed Compass button to lead you to the final Gobstone. 

Gobstone #6: Trophy Room shelf

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From where you got the last Gobstone, head into the center area of the Trophy Room. Look high up on the shelves that hold various trophy goblets and you’ll see the Gobstone resting in the center of them. Pull this Gobstone to you with Accio.

With all of the Gobstones in tow, it‘s time to return to Zenobia. Press the Charmed Compass button to lead you back to her. You can either return the Gobstones to Zenobia or refuse to do so. 

Should I keep Zenobia’s Gobstones in Hogwarts Legacy?

There are no real consequences either way. If you refuse to give the Gobstones to Zenobia she will become upset. However, if you do give them to her you’ll part on friendly terms. Either way, you’ll get the same rewards for finishing the quest, so just do what you prefer.

Gobstone Gobstoppers

This isn’t too challenging of a side quest considering that “Gobs of Gobstones” is one of the earliest missions you can unlock in Hogwarts Legacy. There are helpful indicators to follow that easily lead you to collect the six Gobstones hidden throughout the Astronomy Wing of the castle. Just point the camera up at the Gobstones and use the spell, Accio, to pull them to you when you’re close enough to do so. 

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