Workarounds arrive for Lords of the Fallen crashes and bugs on PC as the Steam rating tanks

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What you need to know

  • The official Twitter account for Lords of the Fallen shared previously that the soulslike would see a delay in the release of its Day 1 patch on Xbox, though it was later expedited.
  • Despite being well-received by critics, the game launch has been plagued with bugs and crashes. 
  • HexWorks has put together a post detailing workarounds for crashes and other technical bugs.
  • Lords of the Fallen currently has a Mixed review score on Steam, while Metacritic rankings are in the mid-70s.

Launch day for any game is inherently stressful, but HexWorks and CI Games—the developer and publisher of Lords of the Fallen, respectively—are feeling the heat a little more than most today. HexWorks was already drawing the ire of the Xbox community when they announced that the Xbox version of Lords of the Fallen would be subpar compared to the PC and PlayStation5 experience

Despite working with Xbox to expedite the update for parity, players on Xbox and PC alike have continued to express frustration with the current state of Lords of the Fallen.

Lords of the Fallen launched to fairly positive reviews from critics, though it was later discovered that press access to the Xbox version of the game was restricted. Players quickly began to report game crashes and poor frame rates to the Lords of the Fallen subreddit.

Steam reviews by players of the game, however, have been a bit murkier. At the time of writing this, Lords of the Fallen has a Mixed rating on Steam—up slightly from the Mostly Negative ranking originally reported by RockPaperShotgun.

Some of the more notable negative reviews from players with longer play times refer to the game as "Lords of the Crashing", while others express disdain with Lords of the Fallen's co-op features. Meanwhile, positive reviews guide those who are struggling to lower their Reflection and Global Illumination quality to medium to disable ray tracing.

HexWorks has written a list of potential troubleshooting tips for users who are experiencing performance issues on PC. They include basic troubleshooting solutions such as using the "AUTO-SET" option to optimize game performance for your PC and also updating to the latest NVIDIA or AMD driver suitable for your system. This is tantamount to HexWorks asking "Did you turn your PC off and then on again?", but it may work for some.

If it doesn't work for you, HexWorks recommends deleting PSOs. This requires navigating to X:\Users\MYUSER\AppData\Local\LOTF2\Saved\ on your PC and deleting the *.UPIPELINECACHE file. After deleting that particular file, right-click on the game, select Properties, select Installed Files, and then click "Verify Integrity of Cache". 

Should you still be encountering problems with Lords of the Fallen at that point, your only other course of action is to contact CI Games' support via email. Hopefully, you can provide them with a GPU debugging log along with instructions on how to duplicate the glitch you experienced.

HexWorks has yet to acknowledge any of the post-launch Lords of the Fallen performance issues still plaguing Xbox players. 

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