Apex Legends: Hunted brings an updated King's Canyon and a huge level cap increase

Apex Legends: Hunted King's Canyon map
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What you need to know

  • Apex Legends: Hunted is the next season of content for Respawn Entertainment's ongoing battle royale first-person shooter.
  • With Apex Legends: Hunted, the developers are bringing back the King's Canyon map, with a few changes to make it a more balanced experience than ever before.
  • The level cap is also being raised, going up from 500 to 2000, vastly increasing the number of Apex Packs players can earn.
  • Apex Legends: Hunted is currently scheduled to begin on Aug. 9, 2022.

The next season of Apex Legends is on the way, with a few big changes for players to look forward to. 

To start, King's Canyon is coming back with Apex Legends: Hunted. This map was the first-ever arena available in Apex Legends, and its revamped form sees some changes to make it a more competitive experience all around. Jeff Shaw, lead level designer for Apex Legends: Hunted, notes that The Cage has been opened up, so there's less cover, meaning that firefights should be resolved quicker than in the past. 

As part of the King's Canyon revamp, the iconic Skull Town is returning as Relic. While this location was destroyed by Loba back in Apex Legends' fifth season, the damage has since been repaired.

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The level cap is also being increased this season. It's not a small bump, with the developers confirming that the cap will be increasing all the way from 500 to 2000, as players will be able to "loop" back with ranks 1 to 500 three additional times, similar to a Prestige system in games like the Call of Duty franchise. Naturally, this means there's a massive increase in how many Apex Packs players can earn through leveling up. 

Finally, a few major changes are coming to different guns and equipment as part of a balancing effort. The Laser Sight attachment is being added for pistols and submachine guns, massively reducing hipfire spread for those weapons. The Wingman is being moved over to Heavy ammo, while the Spitfire is being moved to Light ammo. Finally, the EVA-8 is getting a variety of tweaks to make it more useful, including an increased fire rate and Stocks as an attachment. 

Senior game designed Eric Canavese says that these weapon changes are meant to add "wiggle room" in case the team designs to experiment with new weapons in future seasons. Additionally, Gold-tier items are being reworked. As an example, Gold backpacks are losing the Guardian Angel perk, but will allow players to hold even more items. 

All in all, there's a lot for players to go through, including the new hero Vantage, and Apex Legends is set to continue growing as one of the best games around for anyone that enjoys multiplayer shooters. Apex Legends: Hunted is slated to begin on Aug. 9, 2022. 


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