Discord voice chat arrives on all Xbox One, Series X|S consoles in new update

Xbox x Discord
(Image credit: Microsoft)
  • Discord voice chat support has launched on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in a new update to Microsoft’s consoles.
  • Microsoft has partnered with Discord on integrating the platform’s chat features directly into the Xbox dashboard, with ties to the Discord mobile app.
  • The move opens Xbox consoles to a new audience of existing users and gaming communities on PC and mobile.

Discord voice chat support has arrived on all Xbox consoles, following a new update integrating the service with Microsoft’s gaming platform. The arrival of Discord brings native voice chat and voice channel support to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles following its announcement in July.

The new Discord integration provides an alternative to existing chat solutions like Xbox Party Chat, opening the consoles to a hub for online communities and social circles. Discord has over 150 million monthly active users, according to the firm, with a well-rooted history among gaming audiences.

Discord still doesn’t have an Xbox app — the partnership has seen Microsoft integrate Discord’s voice chat features directly into the Xbox dashboard for this initial release. Xbox users must use the Discord mobile app to select a voice chat or channel before handing off the session to their Xbox console. The solution also avoids navigating Discord with a controller, given its design centered around PC and mobile users.

Our guide explains how to use Discord on Xbox, requiring users to connect their accounts before navigating to Discord through the Xbox guide menu.

Discord’s arrival on Xbox reflects the platform’s popularity among gaming crowds, opening the console to more platforms like mobile and PC devices. With more Xbox games adopting cross-play and other cross-platform features, Discord support opens users to a broader pool of existing users and communities.

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