Hands-on with the new Xbox game DVR Captures app

New Xbox Dashboard
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What you need to know

  • The latest Xbox Insider builds include a refreshed Xbox Game DVR video capture experience, alongside other updates.
  • You can now also join a Discord channel straight from the Xbox guide, without having to use the transfer system via a phone or PC. 
  • There is a range of smaller tweaks in this build too, further marrying the Xbox design language with that of Windows 11. 

Recently, the Xbox dashboard picked up some new features that may seem small at first glance, but have some pretty broad implications attached. These features are currently present in the Xbox Insider Program for testing, but will no doubt make their way to the public domain in the coming weeks ahead. 

The first upgrade is the new Captures app for Xbox Game DVR clips and screenshots. While it's fairly simplistic at first glance, the fact that it has been separated into its own app is a major change that will help the Xbox team iterate more quickly, given that it's no longer tied to the Xbox OS itself. 

The Captures app has some improved iconography bringing it more closely in line with that of Windows 11, and has better clip management and organization. It's far easier to see at a glance how much cloud storage you have left, and it's also far easier to highlight multiple clips for deletion or uploading to OneDrive.

Crucially, the Captures app also seems far more reliable, while being speedier at editing video and trimming. Loading a clip is a lot smoother, and previous bugs of audio desync seem to have been resolved.

With Captures as a separate app, it potentially paves the way for more features and usability in an age where video has become a dominating facet of social media and online interaction.


(Image credit: Windows Central)

Additionally, the more recent Xbox Insider builds refine and elevate the Discord experience on Xbox. You can now connect directly to any voice channel in any server that you're a member of. Previously, you had to perform some form of dark magic ritual to transfer a Discord voice call over to your Xbox, using your cell phone or PC as a bridge. This change vastly streamlines and improves the process, essentially connecting Discord and Xbox up fully. Now, it's a simple case of signing in to your Discord, accepting the app permissions, and joining a channel straight from the Xbox guide menu. 

The Xbox dash has also picked up some improvements for its power saving and settings menus, alongside a recommendations tab in the settings menu for adjusting key features and more Windows 11 design language visual tweaks. 

There's no official timeline when the new Captures app will hit the public builds for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, but we'll keep you updated on the progress. 

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