Hyperkin announces new retro-styled Xbox controller with Hall Effect triggers and analog sticks

Promotional photo of initial design for Hyperkin DuchesS Xbox controller
(Image credit: Hyperkin)

What you need to know

  • Hyperkin, a company specializing in creating videogame hardware has announced that they have begun development for the Xbox "DuchesS" controller.
  • The "DuchesS" is a recreation of the original Xbox's "Controller S" and it will feature compatibility with modern Xbox consoles and PC along with hardware upgrades such as Hall Effect triggers and analog sticks.
  • This will be the third retro-style Xbox controller created by Hyperkin, following the company's recreations of the original Xbox's "Duke" controller and the original Xbox 360 controller.

The third-party gaming hardware company, Hyperkin has announced via a report by The Verge, that they have commenced development for a new retro-style controller for Xbox consoles which they are naming the "DuchesS". This controller is a remake of the Controller S, a controller that eventually replaced the original Xbox's iconic "Duke" controller as consumers hated the Duke back in the day (as confirmed by one of the original Xbox's creators, Seamus Blackley, during an interview with Time Extension).

Now Hyperkin is bringing back the Controller S as the "DuchesS" and upgrading it to modern standards. 

Experience original Xbox games the way they were intended with Hyperkin's nostalgic "DuchesS" Xbox controller. (Image credit: Hyperkin)

For starters, the DuchesS controller will be made compatible with Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S consoles, and PCs that support Windows 10 and Windows 11. In addition, the DuchesS will feature a Share Button for the Xbox Series X|S consoles, a USB-C port, a 3.5mm headset jack, and Hall Effect analog sticks and triggers. Hall Effect analog sticks and triggers are the most noteworthy addition, as they provide cleaner, more precise button inputs while playing games and are built to last longer than traditional triggers and analog sticks. 

Do note that the designs for the DuchesS as shown in this article are not final and subject to change before they are released. The release date and retail price for the DuchesS controller are yet to be announced by Hyperkin at the time of writing.

The DuchesS will be Hyperkin's third retro-themed Xbox controller, following their Hyperkin Duke and Hyperkin Xenon controllers. We reviewed the Hyperkin Duke and Hyperkin Xenon and praised them for their high-grade builds and for allowing them to play the best Xbox games from the original Xbox and Xbox 360 with the controls they grew up with. 

With such a pedigree, Hyperkin's upcoming DuchesS controller will likely be made with similar levels of superb quality on par with the best Xbox controllers, and provide a nice, nostalgic alternative method of playing classic Xbox games available on Xbox Game Pass. Stay tuned for more info as we keep an eye out for the DuchesS' release date and MSRP.

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