Lies of P boss guide – How to defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus

In-game screenshot of Lies of P's Fallen Archbishop Andreus
Robotic Puppets aren't the only foes you will face in Lies of P (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

When you first play Lies of P, you’re led to believe that your main enemies will be malfunctioning, mass-murdering robot Puppets, with the occasional human looter here and there. However, as you progress through the game and explore the world outside the city of Krat, you will discover that Puppets and humans won’t be the only enemies you’ll have to deal with.

You will encounter creatures that were once ordinary people, now transformed into hideous, disfigured monsters who attack anything in sight. None of these beasts are as terrifying or blasphemous as the Fallen Archbishop Andreus. This former noble man of faith has become corrupted by an unknown force, mutating him into a terrifying monstrosity whose visage mocks the religion he once served.

As you can imagine from the description, Fallen Archbishop Andreus is one of the toughest bosses in Lies of P. He has an array of vicious attacks and unworldly powers which can crush you with no effort and is the first boss in the game with multiple forms. To help you ex-communicate this heretical demon, we have created a guide laden with tips, strategies, and tricks on how to defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus.

Lies of P Fallen Archbishop Andreus Boss Guide — Preparation

Prepare yourself for battle against one of the toughest boss' Lies of P has to offer. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

The Fallen Archbishop Andreus is a formidable opponent, so you will need to prepare yourself as much as possible before fighting him. For starters, we recommend equipping the following items to your quick-select item loadout:

  • Fable Catalyst: a consumable item which restores your Fable Arts meter.
  • Legion Magazine: a consumable item which restores your Legion Arm meter.
  • Sawtoothed Wheel: an attack item which inflicts minor damage when thrown at enemies.
  • Attribute Resistance Ampoule: temporarily boosts resistance to elemental status effects.
  • Attribute Purification Ampoule: cures yourself of elemental status effects.
  • Thermite: an explosive throwing item which deals a moderate amount of Fire damage.

You can buy these items from various merchants found throughout the game or as random loot drops from enemies. Attribute Resistance Ampoules and Attribute Purification Ampoules are essential in this fight, as Andreus has the power to inflict a nasty elemental status effect on players called Decay. Decay gradually drains your health via Acid damage and continually drains the durability meter of your weapons, making them more likely to break.

The Fallen Archbishop Andreus is severely susceptible to Fire damage, so bring Fire-elemental weapons or throwable attack items to scorch and burn him. The best weapon to take advantage of this weakness is the Flamberge Legion Arm. This portable flamethrower can melt Andreus’ health bar in a short space of time, especially if you upgrade it with Legion Calibers. In addition, the boss himself is a gigantic target with lumbering mobility, so he won’t be able to escape the Flamberge’s flames easily.

Equip the Flamberge to capitalize on Andreus' weakness to fire. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

There is a Crack’s Calling water font available next to the boss arena’s entrance for you to summon the Specter using Star Fragments. We highly suggest bringing the Specter in for this fight as there are multiple targets to deal with during the second phase. So, bringing an ally NPC in can help even the odds.

Finally, don’t be afraid to backtrack and farm Ergo from enemies to level up if you feel your stats aren’t up to date. Once you’re ready, step forward into the heart of Andreus’ sanctum.

Lies of P Fallen Archbishop Andreus Boss Guide — How to defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus

What kind of unholy event spawned this abomination? (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

Fallen Archbishop Andreus is a large ghastly beast whose primary forms of attack include dragging his body using his oversized arms, smashing you with his fists and lashing you with his tongue. His tongue attacks will inflict the Decay status effect, so have Attribute Resistance Ampoules and Attribute Purification Ampoules on standby.

His forearm attack combos usually consist of three or four punches. These combos can be difficult to block or dodge because his arms are so long, they reach behind the camera if you stand right next to the boss’ face, making them difficult to see. He also has an attack where he will slowly raise both hands above his head before instantly slamming them down to squash you like a bug.

Andreus also has a Fury Attack where he uses his hands to stand up then slams his body to the ground in an attempt to flatten you. Fury Attacks can’t be blocked normally, so either run away or be prepared to press the block button at the last second to perform a Perfect Guard, which will negate the damage.

Be wary of Fallen Archbishop Andreus's Fury Attacks, as they can crush you into powder if you're not ready to Perfect Guard (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

The boss’ attacks are so wild, fast, and chaotic that it’s hard to tell when the best time to attack him is, other than Perfect Guarding the body slam then retaliating. This is where the Specter comes in handy, as he can distract the boss, so you can get behind him and damage his sides. Don’t attack Andreus’ backside directly with a melee weapon as he has a thick shell protecting it and if you hit it, your weapon will bounce off.

Use your Fire-based items and weapons to melt the boss, then Perfect Guard his attacks to trigger the boss’ health bar to glow white. Once this happens, hit Andreus with a charged heavy attack to stagger him, then move to the glowing orange spot near the boss’ face and perform a Fatal Attack to grievously injure him.

Phase 2: A battle of biblical proportions

Andreus reveals his true, blasphemous form. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

After depleting the boss’ health bar completely, a dramatic cutscene plays, revealing the creature you have been fighting isn’t even Andreus’ true form. The boss rips open his ribcage and a grotesque figure that, looks like a cross between a centipede and a one-winged angel wielding a staff, rises from within the beast. This is Andreus’ true form, and this is where phase two of the fight begins.

During the second phase, Andreus’ health bar will have completely recovered, and he will have obtained a plethora of new attacks. In addition, his now-revealed upper half will attack anyone who gets behind him, stopping you from exploiting his blind spot as you did in the first phase.

Stagger Andreus once his health bar glows to open him up for a Fatal Attack. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

Andreus’ new attacks consist of stabbing you with his staff and swinging it in wide arcs to try to smite you. He will also plunge it into the earth to cause ground tremors. In addition, Andreus will try to smack you with his wing-arm or fire feathers from it as ranged projectiles. If you move too far away from him, Andreus will spew out an acidic breath attack to damage you from afar while inflicting Decay.

It is difficult to attack Andreus’ upper half, as his centipede-like body moves wildly while attacking and can raise himself skyward to avoid your attacks entirely. Your best option is to ignore Andreus’ upper body and attack the face of his lower, monster body you had been fighting in the first phase. The lower body of the monster still has all the attacks he had in the first phase, but it has learned a couple of new attacks to catch you off guard.

The first new attack has Andreus’ lower body roar loudly, then do a fast charge combo attack where he tries to trample you three times consecutively. Be prepared to Perfect Guard the third charge as it is a Fury Attack.

If you see Fallen Archbishop Andreus' internal organs start to glow, run behind it to avoid getting hit by its lazer attack. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

The second new attack for the lower body is Andreus’ most deadly attack. Andreus will stand up and cause parts of his body to violently rip apart to reveal a pulsating internal organ. The organ then proceeds to charge energy before firing a laser beam that will deal a significant amount of damage. If you haven’t been focusing on upgrading your health stats, this move has the potential to kill you in one hit, even if you’re at full health.

The laser beam’s range covers almost the entire arena in front of it, and it can’t be dodged or blocked. Not even a Perfect Guard will be able to defend you against this laser beam. Your only option is to run underneath Andreus while he is standing, so you can get behind him to avoid the blast.

However, get ready to defend yourself immediately. As soon as you reach his rear, the upper half of Andreus will bring down his staff to the ground to strike you with an earthquake. This staff attack can be dodged and blocked, but you will have very little time to do so, and you will most likely get hit a lot of the time. On the bright side, the staff attack isn’t as life-threatening as the laser beam.

Have the Specter distract the Fallen Archbishop Andreus so you attack his blind spots. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

With all of this insanity going on, trying to fight off Andreus’ upper and lower body attacks, you will feel like you’re fighting two bosses at once. However, Andreus in this phase has one major weakness: only one part of his body can attack at any time.

This is where the Specter proves to be an invaluable asset if he manages to survive the first phase. While the Specter is dealing with Andreus’ upper body, you can attack the lower body without worrying about being attacked, as Andreus is focusing all his attention on the Specter. When Andreus is distracted, unleash all of your strongest Fable Art attacks and heavy charge attacks, roast him with the Flamberge Legion arm, stagger him once his health bar glows white and then hit him with a Fatal Attack.

This fight will be the first, truly demanding test of your skills as a player, but if you keep calm, play it safe, remember your training and preparation, then you will be able to overcome this hellish ordeal.

Liberate Andreus from his tragic fate by granting him eternal peace

Burn this beast to ashes lest its corruption spreads to others. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

If you manage to defeat Andreus, you will be rewarded with a massive amount of Ergo with which to upgrade your character’s stats. In addition, you will obtain the Twisted Angel’s Ergo, a Rare Ergo you can trade to Alidoro, the treasure hunter in exchange for a special weapon or accessory.

With the emergence of monsters threatening Krat on top of the rampaging Puppets, this raises a bunch of questions. Where did these monsters come from? Are they related to the Puppet Frenzy or the Petrification Disease? And most importantly: Who or what is responsible for this disastrous escalation in foes?

To solve these mysteries, you must venture forth into uncharted territory and confront even more challenging adversaries. It may seem daunting, but by defeating the Fallen Archbishop Andreus, you have demonstrated that you have the skills necessary to slay anything Lies of P throws at you and complete one of the best Xbox games and best PC games of 2023. If you wish to learn more about this intriguing Soulslike, check out my in-depth Lies of P review.

Lies of P is now available for purchase on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC via Microsoft Store & Steam after releasing on September 19, 2023.

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