Lies of P boss guide – How to defeat King’s Flame, Fuoco

Lies of P boss intro of King's Flame Fuoco
The King's Flame, Fuoco will burn all who dares his path (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

The city of Krat was once a bustling metropolis filled with technological marvels, but thanks to the rampaging robot Puppet Frenzy phenomenon, it quickly fell into wrack and ruin. While on your journey to save Krat from destruction, you will be tasked with invading a factory which produces these Puppets and shut it down to deplete the enemy’s numbers.

However, the heart of this Puppet factory has a powerful guardian protecting it from human intruders, the King’s Flame, Fuoco. Fuoco is a giant boss packed with a heavily armored body and a multitude of weapons designed to incinerate his foes. To help you avoid being burned to a crisp, we have created a guide with tips and tricks on how to defeat one of Lies of P’s more infernal bosses.

Lies of P King's Flame, Fuoco Boss guide – Preparation

Arm yourself for battle with weapons and tools that inflict Electric Blitz damage. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

Prepare yourself for the upcoming boss battle by taking some time to kill regular enemies and use their Ergo to level up your stats by talking to the NPC, Sophia, at Hotel Krat. While you’re at Hotel Krat make sure to buy some items from Polendina at the receptionist’s desk:

  • Fable Catalyst: a consumable item which restores your Fable Arts meter.
  • Legion Magazine: a consumable item which restores your Legion Arm meter.
  • Sawtoothed Wheel: an attack item which inflicts minor damage when thrown at enemies.

Stock up on Fable Catalysts to keep your Fable Arts meter topped up, and Legion Magazines, so you have enough resources to use your Legion Arms. The Sawtoothed Wheel is a useful attack item that deals a decent amount of damage, and thirty of them can be carried at once.

The merchant in Elysion Boulevard is selling items that will be a boon for the fight with Fuoco. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

The merchant next to the Stargazer inside the house on Elysion Boulevard in Krat sells some particularly useful items for this boss fight:

  • Attribute Resistance Ampoule: temporarily boosts resistance to elemental status effects.
  • Legion Magazine: a consumable item that restores your Legion Arm meter.
  • Throwing Cell: an attack item that deals Electric Blitz damage when thrown at enemies.
  • Electric Blitz Canister: an attack item which leaves a pool of electricity on the ground when thrown.
  • Electric Blitz Abrasive: a consumable item which imbues a weapon with the ability to deal bonus Electric Blitz damage.
  • Gemini’s Iron Protection: a consumable item that temporarily prevents players losing Ergo when they die.
  • Gemini’s Emergency Protection: a consumable item that temporarily reduces the amount of recoverable Ergo you lose while being hit by enemies.

The most important item from this merchant is a weapon called the Electric Coil Stick. This one-handed blunt weapon has the power to deal Electric Blitz damage without any temporary power-ups from items and has a devastating Fable Art attack called the Rush Smash which deals a ton of damage. You can upgrade this weapon by finding Hidden Moonstones throughout Krat and using them on the Electric Coil Stick at Hotel Krat’s workshop.

Grabbing this weapon and the electric-based attack items from this merchant will be helpful in the fight against the King’s Flame, Fuoco as he has an elemental weakness towards Electric Blitz. Fuoco is also vulnerable to the Electric Shock status effect, which, when inflicted upon enemies, will make them more susceptible to being staggered.

Another tool that can take advantage of Fuoco’s electric weakness is the Fulminis Legion Arm you will have acquired from defeating the previous boss, the Scrapped Watchman. This secondary tool has the power to electrocute enemies before discharging a powerful electric blast that deals a substantial amount of damage.

If you see Fuoco glowing red and spinning his fist, prepare to run out of the way of his charge attack. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

In addition, there is a Crack’s Calling water font next to the entrance of Fuoco’s domain, where you can summon the Specter. The Specter will help you out during the boss fight by attacking him with reckless abandon, thereby drawing Fuoco’s attention away from you.

Before fighting the boss, make sure you stock up on Attribute Resistance Ampoules to resist Fuoco’s fire-based status effects and Attribute Purification Ampoules to cure yourself of them if you become afflicted. Once you are fully prepared, step forward into Fuoco’s lair.

Lies of P King's Flame, Fuoco Boss guide – How to defeat the King's Flame, Fuoco

The King's Flame, Fuoco can pulverize you in an instant with his fist if you're not careful. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

The King’s Flame, Fuoco can best be described as a giant walking forge. He attacks by using his oversized fist to deliver spinning punches and overhead strikes. He also has a couple of Fury Attacks such as an overhead smash or a charge attack where he will try to punch you in the face. Fury Attacks can’t be blocked normally, so your best option is to dodge out of the way or block at the last second to perform a Perfect Guard, which will negate the damage.

Fuoco is also equipped with a flamethrower, which he uses to burn targets if they are outside his melee attack range. If you get hit by the flamethrower, you will receive a ton of fire damage and the Overheat status effect will start to build up within you. If you get afflicted with Overheat, you will become weak to fire damage and your health will slowly burn away. In addition, your Guard Regain recovery stat will be decreased, which means you will have less health to regain after blocking attacks.

Inflict the boss with the Electric Shock status effect to stagger Fuoco more easily and open him up for a Fatal Attack. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

To prevent this, use Attribute Purification Ampoules to remove the Overheat status effect and the Attribute Resistance Ampoules to gain resistance to Overheat status effect build up.

Fuoco’s close-range punch attacks are fast and don’t leave you much time to counterattack. However, Fuoco is extremely vulnerable after performing the Fury Attack charge move because it takes a while for him to regain his posture after doing so. Not to mention, Fuoco telegraphs this very easily by glowing red and spinning his fist before charging, giving the player ample time to run out of the way and retaliate while Fuoco is winded.

Phase 2: Burn everything

Stay out of the flamethrower's range lest you get burned. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

Once Fuoco’s health bar is at 50%, he will point his flamethrower towards the ground and set fire to the arena in a fit of rage. This attack can’t be blocked or dodged since it’s an environmental attack which encompasses almost the entire area. So, make sure you still have healing items (Pulse Cells) on your person to patch up your wounds. Also, make sure you still have Purification Ampoules to cure yourself of the Overheat status effect, as this phase-transition attack is guaranteed to inflict you with Overheat instantly.

Aside from this, Fuoco’s move-set remains mostly the same except for one new attack where he will spin his arms around to punch and burn everything within melee range. So, keep on exploiting the vulnerable position which Fuoco’s charge attack leaves him in.

Perfect Guard his punch attacks to force him into a state where he can be staggered (indicated when an enemy’s health bar glows white). Then, use a charged heavy attack during this moment to stagger him and move yourself to an orange glowing spot next to the boss, so you can unleash the deadly Fatal Attack. If you follow this strategy perfectly, you will extinguish Fuoco’s flames in no time.

It's better to burn out than to fade away.

Keep your distance from the flames, and you'll be able to destroy Fuoco once and for all. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

For bringing down the King’s Flame, Fuoco, you will be rewarded with the High-powered Flame Amplifier and a ton of Ergo to level up your character. The High-powered Flame Amplifier will allow you to craft the Flamberge Legion Arm, which will set enemies ablaze, much like Fuoco tried to do to you.

The most important reward from this encounter is that you will unlock the services of Venigni at Hotel Krat, an important character who helped create the Puppets. Venigni will help you craft more Legion Arms and special upgrades for your Grindstone tool. In addition, he will offer special side quests with lucrative rewards should you wish to complete them.

You’re going to need Venigni’s services for the battles ahead, as from this point, Lies of P is done with playing around. The future bosses you will face will be far more punishing and horrifying than you can ever imagine. However, if you managed to make it this far into the game, you have already proven you are more than capable of taking on Lies of P’s daunting boss battles and beat one of the best Xbox games and best PC games of 2023. For more in-depth information, be sure to check out my Lies of P review.

Lies of P is now available for purchase on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC via Microsoft Store & Steam after releasing on September 19, 2023.

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