Lies of P boss guide – How to defeat the Parade Master

In-game screenshot of Lies of P's Parade Master
Learn how to shut down the Parade Master's twisted show for good. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

Lies of P features a ginormous collection of difficult bosses who will crush even experienced players in the Soulslike genre should they come unprepared. Even the inaugural boss, the Parade Master, can be a tough boss to beat as the player will not have access to the game’s advanced mechanics or weapons at the start of the game. Not to mention, they are still getting used to Lies of P’s basic combat mechanics at this early point.

But don’t fret, as we are here to help you out. We have taken the time to craft this strategy guide which will help you learn how to avoid the Parade Master’s attacks, what his weaknesses are and the tools you can use to make the fight much easier.

Lies of P Parade Master boss guide – Preparation

The Parade Master was once a loveable circus mascot, but now has become a mad killer thanks to the Puppet Frenzy phenomenon. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

At the beginning of the game, you won’t have much equipment at your disposal other than your starting weapon. However, there are still ways you can prepare for the upcoming fight with the Parade Master.

For starters, there is a Stargazer right outside the boss’ entrance that will allow you to level up your character by using Ergo obtained from killing enemies. So, if you want, you can spend some time farming Ergo and level up your stats, so you will be able to survive longer and deal more damage to the boss.

Buy items from the merchant to give you a helping hand for the upcoming fight. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

Right next to the Stargazer is a merchant who is selling a bunch of items in exchange for Ergo. His items include the other starter weapons if you don’t particularly like the one you picked when you started the game. The merchant also sells:

  • Fable Catalyst: a consumable item that restores your Fable Arts meter
  • Electric Blitz Abrasive: a consumable item which enables your weapon to deal electric damage for a limited period.
  • Throwing Cell: an attack item which can inflict a decent chunk of electric damage when thrown at enemies.

The Electric Blitz Abrasive and Throwing Cell are particularly useful in this fight because the Parade Master is weak to Electric Blitz damage. Once you feel you have levelled up enough and bought enough gear from the merchant, it's time to challenge the Parade Master.

Lies of P Parade Master boss guide – How to defeat the Parade Master

The Parade Master is a formidable first boss whose punches will smash you to scrap if you're not careful. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

The Parade Master is a large, hulking Puppet who attacks primarily by throwing haymakers with his giant fists. These are relatively sluggish attacks and are easily telegraphed as the Parade Master raises his fists far back before punching. He also has an attack where he tries to crush you with his weight by body slamming into you or shoulder tackling you if you're far away from it.

These attacks can be dodged or blocked with ease, except when the Parade Master glows red. This is a sign that the boss is preparing to unleash a Fury Attack, which can’t normally be blocked. To avoid Fury Attacks, you must dodge out of the way, run away from the boss’ range or time your block to a split second before the Fury Attack lands to perform a Perfect Guard which will negate it.

If you see the Parade Master start glowing red, get ready to Perfect Guard or run away. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

The Parade Master is usually left wide open after performing a body slam or a Fury Attack, so take advantage of these opportunities to damage him with your weapon or Throwing Cells. Perfect Guarding his attacks consistently and never letting up on your assaults will cause the boss’ health bar to start glowing white. This means that the boss is in a state where he can be staggered by a charged heavy attack or an offensive Fable Art attack.

Once staggered, the boss will be vulnerable to a cinematic special move called the Fatal Attack, where your character can slice off a huge percentage of the Parade Master’s health bar. This state doesn’t last long though, so make sure to capitalize on it when you can, provided it is safe to do so.

Phase 2: Parade Master loses his head

Watch out as the Parade Master goes into a psychotic rage during the second phase. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

After reducing the Parade Master’s health bar to 50%, the second phase of the fight will begin. Frustrated over getting beaten by a small boy, the Parade Master will throw away the cage on its back that has been weighing it down, then RIP OFF ITS OWN HEAD TO USE AS A CLUB. In this form, the Parade Master will gain a substantial power boost and learn new attacks.

The Parade Master’s new attacks consist of combo-strings where he can strike two or three times in a row with his make-shift head-club, and the body slam attacks are now faster. In addition to a faster shoulder tackle, the Parade Masters gets another gap-closer attack where he'll charge towards you with an upwards swing of his club.

The Parade Master’s most deadly attack is an overhead strike with his club that will hit so hard it knocks you off your feet. The attack by itself isn’t too dangerous, but if you stick too close to the boss after this attack, the Parade Master will go nuts and smash his weapon into the ground while squashing you like a bug.

Perfect Guard the Parade Master's attacks to force it into a state where it can be staggered. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

There is also a Fury Attack variation of this overhead strike, which deals more damage than the regular version. To avoid getting turned into paste; dodge, block, or Perfect Guard the first overhead swing, then move backwards until the Parade Master returns to a neutral stance.

Aside from that, the strategy for the rest of the boss fight mostly remains the same. Exploit the boss’ openings after he performs the body slam or the third attack in his combo-strings. Block or Perfect Guard his attacks, then stagger him once his health glows white. If you manage to Perfect Guard the Parade Master’s attacks multiple times in the second phase, you will break his head-club weapon in half and severely weaken him for the rest of the fight.

To the victor go the spoils

With enough determination and preparation, you will send the Parade Master back to the scrapyard. (Image credit: Windows Central / NEOWIZ)

If you keep this strategy in mind and stay on your toes, you will put an end to the Parade Master in no time. Once you have beaten him, congratulations are in order. Not only have you beaten the first boss in the game, but you have also been rewarded with a Quartz and nearly 2,000 Ergo to upgrade your character.

In addition, you will obtain the Parade Leader’s Ergo. This is a rare consumable item which can be spent to obtain 5,000 Ergo. Alternatively, you can acquire a special weapon or ring by trading it with a treasure hunter you will meet much later called Alidoro.

Savor your victory while you can because there are far bigger, tougher, scarier and, in some cases, more disturbing bosses ahead. Don’t be discouraged though — by beating the Parade Master, you have proven you have the skills, wit and patience necessary to take on and conquer one of the best Xbox games and best PC games in the Soulslike genre. Even after you've claimed victory, though, you can still learn a lot from my Lies of P review.

Lies of P is now available for purchase on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC via Microsoft Store & Steam after releasing on September 19, 2023.

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