Microsoft partners with HowLongToBeat to improve Xbox app on PC

Xbox App HowLongToBeat
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What you need to know

  • The Xbox app on PC now shows approximately how long it will take to complete a game.
  • The feature is powered by HowLongToBeat and includes details for those looking to finish the main story of a game or completionists.
  • Microsoft also improved the launch time of the Xbox app on PC by 15% and improved the app's reliability.

When shopping for games, it's important to know how much time you're going to have to commit to finish a title. Sometimes you want a game you can crank through over a weekend. Other times you want an ongoing quest that will take you hundreds of hours to complete. Microsoft has partnered with HowLongToBeat to provide information on the length of games within the Xbox app on PC.

Most PC Game Pass games will show information from HowLongToBeat. The estimates draw from data submitted by people who have played the games. Since some people just want to complete the main story of a game and others want to complete every single side quest, HowLongToBeat splits things up into categories.

Microsoft breaks down the four categories that HowLongToBeat covers:

  • Main Story (Required): You complete the main objectives, just enough to see the credits roll
  • Main Story and Additional Quests/Medals/Unlockables: You take your time, discover and complete additional tasks not required
  • Completionist (100%): You strive for every achievement, every medal and conquer all that the game has to offer
  • Combined: All play styles considered during estimation

The Xbox app on PC also has an improved Game Details section which makes it easier to view trailers, screenshots, and other content.

The most recent update to the Xbox app on PC also improves launch time by 15% and reliability. "We've seen crash-free sessions improve to 99.9%, and player reports of games that didn’t download or didn’t install successfully reduced by nearly half," said Microsoft. "We’ve also focused on increased relevance for search results, and getting results back is now up to 20% faster."

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