Microsoft to discontinue its Xbox Rewards app and replace it with a simplified hub in April 2024 — killing weekly streaks

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What you need to know

  • In December, several users received a notification indicating Microsoft might be killing its Xbox Rewards app.
  • Multiple users received a similar notification but now features a new date.
  • Microsoft will no longer publish offers on the platform after April 15, 2024, ultimately ending the beloved weekly streaks. 
  • Critical changes to the Microsoft Rewards program in the past few months include introducing a cooldown period and adjusting the points awarded for certain activities.

Microsoft Rewards is a great program that lets users earn points for using services like Bing, Microsoft Edge, and more. The reward points can be redeemed for shopping. However, the program has undergone "critical changes" in the past few months, with Microsoft indicating that it regularly fine-tunes the methods for redeeming points as one of the avenues for promoting the growth and expansion of the program.

While Microsoft confirmed that it had no plans to discontinue the program, the same can't be said about the Xbox Rewards app if the reports hitting social media are anything to go by. In December, multiple users posted images on social media platforms featuring a notification indicating that the Xbox Rewards app was being discontinued in favor of the simplified and unified new Rewards hub.

Things have been relatively quiet since then, until recently when users in Brazil started receiving the same message on their Xbox Rewards app. However, the message now features a new date — April 15, 2024.

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Here's the full message:

Rewards with Xbox has a new home. Check out the new Rewards hub, your go-to destination for Xbox activities and offers, available across devices. Now, you can see available activities, set up a goal, and redeem your rewards in one place. The new activities focus on what matters most: earning points while having fun playing games.

With the new Rewards hub and gaming activities coming to Xbox, we will no longer publish offers in the Microsoft Rewards app on console, Starting April 2024. This means the current Weekly Set and Weekly Streak on this app will end as of April 15, 2024.

We're excited to bring the Rewards hub with new activities to Rewards with Xbox, and we're looking forward to providing even more ways to earn Rewards in the future.

What does this mean?

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Per the notification, users have approximately three weeks to continue earning points for their weekly streaks via the Xbox Rewards app. Microsoft will no longer use the platform to publish offers after April 15, 2024.

Microsoft has made significant adjustments to how it awards points for various activities, but it's not yet clear if this will affect the unified and simplified new Rewards hub, too. However, the reward points for Xbox Game Pass Quests have also been reduced significantly. 

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