Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Guide – Where to locate every Dragon Vein Crystal and Dragon Vein Essence

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty in-game screenshot of the "Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch" level.
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In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you will encounter many dangerous monsters and warriors that can extinguish your life in the blink of an eye if you’re not careful. While honing your combat skills will keep you alive for the most part, you will need medical supplies to heal you when enemies manage to injure you — namely, the Dragon’s Pot Cure.

The Dragon’s Pot Cure is a potent healing item that can restore a good chunk of your health bar instantaneously. However, when you first start the game, you will only have 3 flasks of Dragon’s Pot Cure to work and as you level up your character, the Dragon’s Pot Cure's healing power will start getting diminishing returns.

Fortunately, you can upgrade the Dragon’s Pot Cure by collecting special items scattered throughout the many battlefields of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty called Dragon Vein Essences and Dragon Vein Crystals. They are tricky to find, however, so we have cataloged the location of every Dragon’s Pot Cure upgrade to help you survive the many trials and tribulations in this dark fantasy adventure.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty guide - Dragon Vein Crystal locations

Some Dragon Vein Crystals are hidden in the most treacherous of places.  (Image credit: Windows Central / Koei Tecmo)
  1. Chapter 2 – Two Chivalrous Heroes Battlefield: After dispatching a giant monkey boss called Zhuyan, continue trekking up the cliffs where you will meet with Zhu Xia, a blacksmith who can sell you supplies and upgrade your gear. Beyond her lies a path that will take you to a couple of structures guarded by monsters. You will find a Dragon Vein Crystal in a chest inside the first building you see here.
  2. Chapter 2 – The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven Battlefield: After unlocking the gate behind a Battle Flag, you can find a Dragon Vein Crystal to the left of the courtyard on a bench in one of the nearby buildings.
  3. Chapter 3 – Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch: Once you arrive at the courtyard with ponds, plant a Battle Flag at the temple entrance then head to the right corner of the area to grab a Dragon Vein Crystal.
  4. Chapter 4 – Centuries of Glory Burned Away: The Dragon Vein Crystal in this Battlefield is in an area with a dragon that will call down lightning strikes on you if you approach. So, you will need to get rid of it away by chipping away at its health using ranged weapons and Wizardry Spells. Once it is gone, you are free to explore the area without getting struck by lightning. From the nearby Battle Flag, head up to the rooftops and kick down any water pots you see to put fires barring passage on the ground. Continue trekking across the rooftops until you reach a ladder to the right of a water pot. Climb down this ladder to find a Dragon Vein Crystal located at the bottom.
  5. Chapter 4 – Tyrant’s Final Banquet: When you reach the bamboo garden, walk along the fence of a large building where a soldier carrying an axe is patrolling the area. Keep going along the fence until you reach a corner. From here, jump over the fence and you will find the Dragon Vein Crystal.
  6. Chapter 5 – The Way of the Warrior: A Dragon Vein Crystal is in a chest located behind a Battle Flag placement guarded by a large terracotta soldier.
  7. Chapter 6 – Behold the Glaive of Righteousness: While exploring the tombs, you will eventually come across a scary-looking room covered with red jagged crystals made from Negative Qi corruption and a large humanoid pig demon in the center called a Leishi. The Dragon Vein Crystal is in a tomb behind the Leishi.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty guide - Dragon Vein Essence locations

You will need to search every nook and cranny for the Dragon Vein Essences. (Image credit: Windows Central / Koei Tecmo)
  1. Chapter 2 – The Yellow Heaven Burns: After you reach the second Battle Flag of this Battlefield, climb up the nearby ledges. From there, forge ahead until you come across a tiger demon called a Changgui which is guarding a chest containing a Dragon Vein Essence.
  2. Chapter 2 – The Valley of Crying Wraiths: About halfway through the Battlefield, you will find a cute panda-like creature called a Shitieshou. Take the fork in the path next to Shiteieshou that leads to the right and kill the enemies you find there to plant a Marking Flag. On a ledge nearby the flag, you will be able to see the Dragon Vein Essence next to two Changgui wandering about.
  3. Chapter 3 – In Search of the Immortal Wizard: The Dragon Vein Essence is hanging on a branch in a cave area inhabited by a massive crocodile demon called a Zhupolong. Be on your guard as this creature is hiding underground — waiting to ambush players who walk towards the Battle Flag in this area.
  4. Chapter 3 – Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch: After planting a Battle Flag located at the bottom of a large chamber surrounded by stamina-draining water and Siren-like demons called Shuigui, head to the room closest to the left of the flag. Here, you will find Luoyang Dungeon Keys, which can be used to unlock every cell in this dungeon. Use these keys to open the cell near the aforementioned Battle Flag to find the Dragon Vein Essence inside.
  5. Chapter 4 – The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass: After clearing out an encampment containing a Battle Flag and several axe-wielding soldiers, use the ballista near the flag to demolish a wooden barricade at the camp’s front entrance. From there, climb the nearby platforms to reach a chest containing the Dragon Vein Essence.
  6. Chapter 4 – Darkness Over the Hanshui River: When you reach the last Battle Flag of the Battlefield, turn around to see a house on the other side of the river. Double-jump over the river to reach the wooden balcony of the house and enter it to find a chest with a Dragon Vein Essence inside.
  7. Chapter 4 – Tyrant’s Final Banquet: While exploring the caves of this Battlefield, you will encounter a room housing a Zhupolong. After defeating it, climb the nearby platforms to reach a Dragon Vein Essence sitting on top of a cage being held by a rope.
  8. Chapter 4 – Fate of the Entertainer: A Dragon Vein Essence is sitting on top of a pond bridge that has a Changgui guarding it.
  9. Chapter 5 – War’s Flames Blaze Fiercely: After planting a Battle Flag on a rooftop, drop down to activate a nearby switch to drain the canal. Once that is done, return to the ladder you used to reach this area, and descend into the sewers. When you reach the bottom, head past the two terracotta soldiers to find an area that was previously inaccessible due to the flood. Drop down, then climb the ladders to reach the other side of this room to find a Dragon Vein Essence buried underneath some rubble.
  10. Chapter 5 – The Uninhibited Heart: After planting the second Battle Flag of this Battlefield, climb down a ladder close by, then make your way to the right to reach a drained canal with a Zhupolong hunting for its next victim. After murdering the crocodile, climb up the ladders next to it to get to the top of the canal and open the chest waiting there.
  11. Chapter 5 – Lu Bu, Mightiest Among Men: When you drain the Battlefield of the flood, climb down until you hit ground level and find a Zhupolong. After you dispatch it, plant a Battle Flag and go past two Shuigui to find a building with human soldiers inside. When you defeat the soldiers, enter the exit at the back, then turn right, turn right again, and continue moving forward to reach the Dragon Vein Essence.
  12. Chapter 6 – Behold the Glaive of Righteousness: In this Battlefield, you will come across an area covered in a thick mist. Once you arrive here, continue moving down the main road until you find a Changgui. After you destroy the tiger demon, climb up the ladder that was behind it and head right to find two soldiers guarding the Dragon Vein Essence.
  13. Chapter 6 – The Assault on Wuchao: After raising the Battle Flag, head into a room nearby containing Negative Qi crystals, a chest, and demon spiders hiding on the ceiling. Once you squash the spiders, open the chest to find the Dragon Vein Essence.
  14. Chapter 6 – Decisive Battle of Guandu: Before you reach the first boss fight on this Battlefield, you will eventually come across a wandering Zhuyan. Near Zhuyan is a house containing a hedgehog-like demon called Huoshu. Proceed past the Huoshu, then climb the down ledges behind it to reach another house with a chest housing the Dragon Vein Essence.
  15. Other – In the Hidden Village of Mt. Tianzhushan: The last Dragon Vein Essence requires you to go on a hidden sidequest to help a lady find the keys to her house — the Taoist’s House Keys and Backyard Keys. The Taoist’s House Keys can be found in the “In Search of the Immortal Wizard” Battlefield. After you exit the cave with the Zhupolong and Battle Flag, look to your left to the keys lying on the ground. The second set of required keys is located in the “War’s Flames Blaze Fiercely” Battlefield. When you reach the last Battle Flag in the sewers, head to the small doorway on the left and you will find the keys lying on the ground on the left side of it. Giving the lady back in the Hidden Village the Taoist’s House Keys will unlock her house’s front door, and the Backyard Keys will unlock the back entrance, where you will find the Dragon Vein Essence lying on a rocky pillar you must jump to.

You can never be too prepared when fighting a war.

You will need all the help you can get to overcome the many demons laying waste to the Three Kingdoms (Image credit: Windows Central / Koei Tecmo)

With that, you now know the location of every upgrade needed to strengthen the effectiveness of the Dragon’s Pot Cure in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. With more medicine at your disposal, you will have a much better chance at conquering the many foes ahead and have more fun playing one of the best Xbox Games of 2023.


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