You could be playing a Quake 2 remaster on Xbox Game Pass real soon according to leaks

Quake 2 remaster title screen
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What you need to know

  • A Quake 2 remaster has been leaked, and it could stealth drop into Xbox Game Pass as early as today—August 10 at 10AM PT/1pm ET/6PM BST/7PM CEST.
  • The remaster will be available for $9.99 or regional equivalent and will launch across Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Boomer shooter fans and nostalgia junkies alike can rejoice as they just may be playing a remaster of Quake 2 on their device of choice later today. Prominent industry leaker @billbil_kun has shared several updates about the potential remaster as of late, including that the game would be revealed during QuakeCon 2023. It's expected to retain the Quake II title, without tacking on Remastered to it based on submissions to ratings boards ESRB and PEGI. 

QuakeCon 2023—an annual event celebrating games developed by id Software— begins today as an in-person convention after having been digital during the Coronavirus pandemic. The stealth drop of a remastered Quake II coincides with the start of the con. According to the leaks, players will be able to get their hands on Quake II starting at 10AM PT/1PM ET/6PM BST/7PM CEST today, August 10. 

id Software was acquired by Microsoft during the ZeniMax acquisition in 2020, but despite its first-party studio status fans can expect the remaster to hit Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC at the same time. Quake 2 is expected to cost $9.99, or your regional equivalent and it will be available for no extra cost to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on PC and Xbox alike. 

Interestingly enough, while preparing this article Quake II began to show up on the Microsoft store for purchase despite any official statement on its release as of yet. The Microsoft store listing also does not mention Game Pass inclusion, but we have not yet confirmed if that was in error or if the listing has simply gone up too early.

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