Gears of War 4 discounted to just £20 at Amazon

It looks like today is a good day to save on some Xbox One games in the UK. Alongside a solid discount on Forza Horizon 3, Amazon UK is also offering Gears of War 4 for just £20 (opens in new tab).

In Gears of War 4, you'll play as protagonist JD Fenix as you fight with your friends in the aftermath of an attack on their village. You'll have to take on hordes of new enemies with Gears' over-the-top bloody action as you work to save your loved ones. And if you're into online multiplayer, Gears 4 offers up some solid gameplay there as well. When you pick up Gears of War 4, you'll also get your hands on the series' Xbox 360 titles as well.

It's not clear how long the sale is set to last, so you'll want to grab it sooner rather than later. Do note that the £20 price is for the physical disc, while the digital download code comes in at £25.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • They price matched Argos and hmv for non amazon Buyers.
  • Ordered! :)
  • Fun game, but wish they had updated to controls to a more modern style (I know fans of the series will hate that but still, control and movement is clunky).
  • It is fun and smooth. Was that beta you are mentioning? The most social game. Pvp, pv-ai, horde(up to level 10), level to level as max 99 then diamond level then red diamond. You get to install "play anywhere" in desktop, laptop and Xbox one for free. The result is synced.
  • When you play the game and you see a desktop showing with the player icon will means that that is a pc version. Some people prefer to play pvp game with pc.