Gears of War 4 drops to just $25 at Best Buy

If you haven't had a chance to jump into Gears of War 4 on your Xbox One just yet, Best Buy's latest deal of the day may be just the excuse you need. Right now, you can pick up the latest entry in the Gears franchise for just $25 (opens in new tab) at Best Buy. For those keeping track, that's a solid $35 off its usual price tag.

In Gears of War 4, you take up the role of JD Fenix and his friends in the aftermath of an attack on their village. You'll have to take on hordes of new enemies with Gears' signature bloody action in order to save your loved ones from a new threat. And if you're into online multiplayer, Gears 4 offers up some solid gameplay there as well.

As a bonus, buying Gears of War 4 will also give you access to the Xbox 360 Gears of War collection, so you'll be able to play the franchise's back catalog as well. Not too shabby for just $25. If you're interested, you can grab this deal at Best Buy now. Just be aware that this is a daily deal, and it's set to expire after today, December 30.

Thanks to Daniel for the tip!

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • WOW! Now that is a deal!!
  • physical disc.......... no tnx.  i need my Play Anywhere.
  • Lots of people are having issues with downloading big title games from Windows Store. Gears of War 4 is also one of those titles. This kinda thing makes me very very sad. :(
  • I've downloaded it numerous times on various devices, haven not had any issues. Granted, it's a 70GB game so you want a good connection.
  • Some people are complaining also despite having good connection. Hope Microsoft will provide better downloading experience like Steam soon. eg: reliable resume, download rate, ETA etc.
  • On my 70 megabytes per second, I get up to 140 megabits per second download on my Xbox one and my Xbox One S? No issue here!
  • Before then, I was getting only 25 to 30 megabits downloads but now, I'm getting a lot more after I change routers!
  • Sorry, double post!
  • ¥_¥
  • -_-
  • !!!!
  • Good deal, but I ended up buying/pre ordering through the Microsoft store so I could play on pc or xbox one. I already owned all the GOW 360 titles on disc and ended up getting them free digitally through Games with Gold over the past year too.
  • This is because Gears 4 was on holiday sale on Xbox live. For just $25. So everyone has been buying digital. I just got Diablo 3 reaper edition with all DLC for just £20 on sale on Xbox Countdown. Normally £60. Noone in their right mind would buy physical with these sales at the moment.
  • I would, either pay 70 online for WD2 or 49 in store. I know which I'd prefer.
  • What sale were you looking in?? Watchdogs 2 was £30 in sale on Live. In shops £49.99.
  • Jb hifi has it for 49, the Live sale here has it for 70.
  • Well they definitely making up for it with in-game purchases
  • What are these? I have over 90 games on my hard drive and have never once bought an in game purchase. Are people that bad at games that they have to buy their way through them nowadays??
  • Collect credits then, if you really need those cosmetic items.
  • Damn, if I was only interested in this series anymore.
  • Shame. It's the best third person shooter ever made.
  • This is physical copy,you can get digital copy for $35 including tax, which would be play anywhere, we played at office today,true play anywhere,my friend bought gears of war 4 Xbox one s bundle with extra controller,I bought digital version, I was on PC ,and my assistant and him on Xbox one s , and we were playing horde and many online modes,was mad fun
  • Yes. I was mad fun too. I am level diamond now on horde. Earn gold coin(400-4000) and buy pack($0.99-$3.99). 4 type of packs; Horde, skin, Skills or jobs. Horde has 5 characters to select. Choose the right one for yourself. Scout have lots life skills but shotguns power which you will have a bit problem to shoot in long distance. The good thing is most pvp is using shotgun. Practice is perfect. Snipper character is great if the map is right for the enemy to walk towards in distance. Die less or else lose a lot of power you can't build weapons. If you have good graphic laptop with windows 10 University and a xbox one or compatible controller, you can go Starbucks(speed is fast 60+ mbps) and play the game. Xbox one can use Wifi anyway.